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Fred Sugar is a talent scout who interviews and films mostly straight men wanting to break into the porn business. The site opened in October 2014 and has been keeping its promise of weekly updates for almost three years. If you like amateur men the site delivers, so let's have a look and see what's new.

Fred Sugar isn't about a particular type of man, but features all kinds of guys who want to become porn performers or just get paid to get a massage or a handjob. In his mid-twenties, Tony is handsome, tall and very well built; he works out five times a week and has fantastic low hangers, a hot butt and a large dragon tattoo on his torso. A lot of the guys here have ink. Johnny McLongcock is another mid-twenties guy with a beefy, hairy body and thick legs; he's looking ragged because he had been up late filming a straight porno the night before. Jim Echo has a beautiful runner's body, lean and sinewy, but he doesn't run - he's tall and in his early twenties, and shaves his pubes.

Jason Bryant looks like a thug and wears a sleeve of tats; he has a pierced cock and likes to share chicks with his friend Tex. Like many of the guys on the site, Jason has an ordinary body and doesn't work out. Some of the men like Tooly have a bit of a belly; he's a 39-year-old bald daddy with chin scruff and doesn't mind getting naked, but he admits he's a bit nervous. And Kade Aarons is a shaggy-haired, 20-something surfer who's slim and smooth and keeps his pubes shaved; he's a definite exhibitionist who had sex with a girl in the back of a truck once and let 10 guys watch him. And hairy Bush comes back to do a second shoot, getting "manhandled" for the second video.

So you can see that you'll find all types of amateur performers here from college-aged guys to men in their late thirties; some of the guys are good looking, others are average. The guys usually introduce themselves to Fred Sugar and give their basic stats or just start chatting. Most have no porn experience, but a few have made some straight videos, and a number return after their first videos, often doing a solo for their first video and getting groped or a handjob in their second. The interview portion isn't long, and then Fred lets the men do their thing. Some of the guys stroke while watching porn, others don't. Fred generally tries to get the men on their hands and knees showing off their asses, some go further and dry hump the bed or pillows. There are a fair amount of handjob videos, and one of the most recent videos is guy-on-guy hardcore.

Keep in mind that many of these are audition reels of mostly amateurs who have never been naked in front of a camera, so the results aren't always ideal. A couple of guys shoot their wads quickly and one poor guy tried for 13 minutes to get an erection before he apologizes and packs it in. But the majority have no trouble getting hard and pumping out a load - or having another guy pump it out for them.

There are 190 exclusive videos at Fred Sugar, 51 more than there were just over 11 months ago, and the site continues to add an update every Thursday. You can download the videos in three sizes of MP4 from 640x360 to 1280x720. They're decent to good amateur quality with decent sound and lighting, and they download quickly and play well, and the smaller ones play well on most mobiles. You can also stream the videos in three resolutions at 640x360, 854x480 and 980x552, and the largest size gives the best results when enlarged to full screen.

Each video comes with a gallery of digital stills in three sizes - 682x1024, 853x1280 or 1067x1600 - that each display in a thumbnail gallery. The pictures are good amateur quality, although some lack sharpness, but overall I think they're pretty good stuff. There are 10 to over 100 pics per set (usually there are between 28 and 50), and you can view the pics in galleries, in hands-free slideshows or you can download zip files and look at them later; the pics can also be individually downloaded.

There not much to complain about here, but there are a few of things I wanted to mention. The site doesn't use a full-streaming server, so you'll have to wait for the whole video to load before you can fast forward the streaming videos, and you may run into a little buffering, although on my high-speed connection the wait was only a few seconds. Also be aware that the videos auto-played in my browser; they aren't unduly loud, but if volume is a concern, turn your speakers down before going to the first video's page. There is a blog on the site, but this just shows the launch announcement from 2015. And please note the site's exaggerated video count on the tour claiming to have 587 videos: the site's script counts each video's three sizes as an individual videos, but there are really 199 unique videos.

Fred Sugar says he's a porn talent scout, so expect amateur men rather than professional porn performers, although once in a while a porn regular joins one of the amateurs. Many of the men are nervous or aren't great talkers during their interview, but we're not there to listen to them tell their life stories. There's a wide variety guys ranging from their twenties to nearly forty, and there's a mix of body types from average to athletic or well built to a little chubby. Some of the men are quick cummers, others put on quite the show. Some of the videos include a massage or a handjob, but for the most part you can expect to see lots of amateur guys stroking and tugging their cocks. Who knows if these are tomorrow's porn stars? But one thing is for sure - Fred Sugar continues to deliver hot action, consistent updates and plenty of real amateur cock.

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