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Foot Woody is a site dedicated to 18- to 20-something amateurs showing off their bare feet while stroking their cocks. Most of the guys are cute, many have that boy-next-door look, and some are smooth, slender twinks. Several things stand out for me - the guys in no way look like porn stars, there are plenty of hairy legs on display, not to mention a mix of uncut and cut cocks. And once the videos get going, the camera stays on what members of this site will want to see - the model's feet and hard dick. The site is brought to us by the same folks who are responsible for You Love Jack, which is one of my personal favorites, and the videos have a lot in common with their style of shooting, which is a good thing.

Most of the guys start out clothed, some wearing shoes but most with their feet in socks, often white socks which are obviously worn and a little dirty, so we can fantasize about their sweaty feet. Once they strip off the socks to expose their feet, particularly from the bottom, so we can enjoy the tender soles as well as the toes. Most of the guys take off some clothing, although one model pulled out his cock through his fly, put up his feet for easy viewing, and jacked off. But each of the models has his own way of approaching the sessions.

Except for the oldest episode, where it seems the site was finding its footing (pun intended), the videos here are quiet and intimate, with no interviews or camera man talking, and the vids give the feeling you're watching each of the guys in private. There's a fair amount of eye contact with the camera and there's no soundtracks, so what we hear are the natural sounds in the room - the rustle of fabric, the zipper, and soft moans as each of the guys gets closer to cumming. There's nothing to get between the viewers and their foot fantasies.

Foot Woody offers 48 exclusive episodes, each with videos and pics. All the videos are downloadable, DRM-free and are available in three sizes of MP4. The largest for all but the oldest video are shown at 1280x720 at good amateur quality, and the two smaller sizes are similar in quality. I was able to play the videos on a variety of mobiles including iPhone, iPod, and my Android phone and tablet, and the vids should play on iPad and many other handheld devices. There are also streaming versions of the videos, and these look good, too.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are screencaps that are the same size as the videos, and they actually look as good as many good amateur quality digital stills. If you want to preview the action, these are the way to go, and while there are no zip files or slideshows, you can right click and download any pics you want to keep.

Foot Woody only has one real issue - it's stopped updating, and that's a real shame, as I really like everything else about the site from the sexy guys with their hot feet to the reasonable monthly subscription price.

Foot Woody delivers hot amateur guys teasing us with their feet. Most of the guys wear socks at the start (often dirty), but once they strip them off, we get plenty of bare toes on display. This is the good stuff for foot fetishists and sock lovers, and all the models show off the soles of their feet and their toes as they stroke their hard cocks to a creamy conclusion. There are 48 DRM-free videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile. And while the site stopped updating, there's still enough here to keep members happy for a month. Foot Woody has a clean feel, easy navigation, twinks and college-aged amateurs, and the focus on feet and cocks is exactly as promised by the tour.

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