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Flirt 4 Free is a live webcam site offering a truly impressive variety of performers available at any time I've visited day or night. There are muscle hunks with bulging biceps and six-pack abs, some built enough to appear in muscle magazines. There are smooth, slender twinks, as well as college boys earning a little extra tuition on the side; you'll find athletic jocks, average guys, a few porn stars, and some daddies over 40. Some of the performers have tattoos, others are clean cut and ink-free; I found trim, well-groomed guys, and also scruffy models with artfully messy hair and maybe a day or two of beard growth. Some of the men have lush, sexy hair while others have shaved heads, and a few are balding. And there's a mix of attitudes, too, as well as dicks both big and small, and both hairy and smooth bodies.

The models come from all over the world. Some of them are well-known porn performers, and there are channels featuring performers from Bel Ami, Cocky Boys, Corbin Fisher, and Lucas Entertainment, but there are a greater number of regular guys coming to you live from their private bedrooms. There's a category section that allows you to display guys of certain nationalities like like American, European, Asian, Latino, or Ebony; you can also sort by specific attributes like muscle, hairy, or uncut cock – there are dozens of categories.

When you first arrive at Flirt 4 Free you'll end up on a page displaying a grid of thumbnails featuring guys currently logged into the system. If you find that your seeing a mix of guys and girls, you can click one of the tabs on the top right of the page to see only guys, girls, or transgender models. When you mouse over a guy's picture a flyout appears giving you some basic information about him like his name, his rates, a star rating, and where he's located. Also there's a category section showing you in what sections you'll find him like muscle, European guys, guy-guy, anal, domination, hairy, uncut, and many more. If your cursor remains on his picture for a few seconds, it will change to a live preview of what he's doing online in his chatroom. I like this a lot because it means less clicking to see if a guy really interests you.

If you click the guy's picture or the "start watching" button, you'll enter his chat room where you'll see him in a large viewing area on the left. The guys are wearing clothes or maybe in various stages of undress; one muscle hunk I checked out was completely naked except for a balled up t-shirt he had placed over his crotch. Most of the guys I checked out were clothed, but a few of the guys appeared fully nude in the public chat areas, showing their cocks or jacking them, and this generally gets the room revved up. They encourage you to tip or to go private to watch them stroke their dicks and shoot their loads.

What happens in the free chat rooms is really up to the guy. They're usually sitting at a desk or lying on their bed with their keyboard. Some of the guys have rooms full and are showing off while others are waiting for guests to arrive, and they're not really doing anything. I saw a wide variety of things as I clicked through various rooms. One muscle hunk was lying on his bed with his keyboard, but quickly picked up his cell phone after he greeted everyone. Another guy was jerking his cock and encouraged guys to go private and watch him cum. Another had his hand in his shorts and was stroking his cock, but he eventually pulled it out when a few guys asked to see his foreskin again. Another hunk was lifting weights on a bench. I saw guys dancing, singing, stripping, and talking or typing to guests in the room. But I also saw many guys texting on their phone or staring off and looking bored, and one guy was combing his beard - I guess it's hard to look enticing all the time, especially when you're by yourself in the chatroom.

On the right side of the room are a series of icons. One of them will take you to the model's profile page that gives you his basic stats like age, height, weight, nationality, sexual orientation, and lots more. There are a few pictures and a schedule of when he's usually online. Some models, but not all, have a handful of featured videos on their profile pages, too. You'll find some recent reviews of the guys from other surfers. And there are lots of options like call me now, flirt SMS, send him a tip, join his fan club, send him a gift, add him to your favorites, and you can set up a notification so you'll receive an email when he's online. Some of these features will cost you credits, some are free, and some are only available on the VIP membership, which I'll talk about in a minute.

So before we talk about the different kinds of shows, let's talk about some of the various ways to use the site. Joining Flirt 4 Free is free, and they entice you with an offer of 120 free credits. You sign up with a user name, password and email address, then you have to click a link in a confirmation email to activate your account. Once you log in, you're presented with an additional sign-up screen where you have to enter your name and credit card, even just to claim those free 120 credits. But having your credit card on hand will speed up adding more credits to your account later or purchasing videos. The free membership doesn't get you much - free unlimited chat and free video previews. And consider that a private show costs anywhere from 10 to 120 credits per minute and a purchased video costs 60 to 120 credits, so you'll burn through those free credits quickly.

You can easily purchase more credits; for instance, 240 credits will cost you $10 and 415 credits will cost you $25. There's also an option to purchase a 30-day VIP membership for $39.95 with 150 free credits thrown in. So what does a VIP membership give you? There's lots to do on Flirt 4 Free besides watching guys in live shows. With the VIP membership you can watch 200 videos per day, you get an hour-long feature show, you get unlimited access to recorded shows, you get a discount on a Show Pass, you get 50% off video purchases, and you can receive pics from models. There's more, but those are the most attractive benefits. And by the way, those credits are the currency of the site, so whether it's a private session, tipping a performer, or buying a movie, you'll be using credits.

There's also a Show Pass that allows you 24-hour or 30-day access to watch another 369 pages of videos. These passes will run you $14.99 for 24 hours are $49.99 for a month. And this may be where those 200 free VIP Membership videos go after they've been on the site for a week, but I'm not sure.

When you enter a guy's room, you're in the free live show section, so you can watch him doing whatever he's doing and you can chat with him. He may respond or he may not. I asked a question in one room and another guest replied, so it's also possible to chat with whomever else is in the room. At the bottom of the model's viewing area you'll see "start your show" and "tip me" banners. If you click the show option you'll be shown the cost for a private or multi-user show, and clicking either will begin the process and remove the required credits from your account.

I have a 26-inch monitor so the live show screen is sized at 1490x840, but the viewing area will depend on the size of the device you're using. And quality varies a lot, too, as it all depends on the performer's webcam. Some of the guys have sharp, clear pictures, where others can be grainy or blurry. Still, overall the quality is good. The live shows include sound, which also varies in quality.

When you go private with a model and he'll give you a personal show, but what that entails is up to him. Don't expect that a guy will do whatever you want just because he's on the site; it's best to ask him first in the public area. A simple "will you jerk off for me if we go private?" or "will you shove a dildo up your butt?" will suffice. Some performers also have a multi-user show feature that allows several users to go private with the same model, and these per-minute fees are typically lower. Sometimes a performer will announce a group show and it will occur once a certain tip level is met, and if you contribute a tip your spot will be secured in the show. There are also Party Chats, which are free to join, but the performer will only keep the show going as long as the tips are flowing.

Some of the guy's thumbnails on the homepage are flagged with a "Tip Controlled" banner, and these guys have an OhMiBod sex toy in their butts. These are remote controlled vibrating sex toys so that when viewers tip at certain levels the guy's sex toy vibrates - some are quick jolts for smaller tips while others are seconds-long vibrating sessions for larger tips. This can be fun to watch as the models usually moan or giggle or thank the viewers for those jolts.

A few other guys have a purple interactive banner on their pictures, and this means that you can play with them if you have a compatible sex toy. So when you play with your device, the model's device reacts. The model can also control the device, which makes for even more excitement.

The videos that you can watch with your VIP membership are in a section called Free Videos, which you'll find on the left sidebar when you enter the main Videos section. This section displays a week's worth of videos that were recorded during various model sessions, and while you're supposed to get access to 200 videos a day, most days only had 196 to 198 videos available - close enough I guess. You can watch these, but you can't download any of them. However, for 60 to 120 credits you can add them to your collection (a fancy way of saying "bookmark") and watch them whenever you want without having to pay for them again. There are only a week's worth of videos in this section, but I don't know where they go once they drop off.

On my 26-inch monitor, the videos played at 1230x690, but the size will vary depending on the device you're using. The guys are usually jacking off or playing with a sex toy, but there are quite a few couple videos where they could be jerking off, sucking dick or even full-on fucking. And the guys usually blow their loads, too, but not always. Many of these videos are short, like under 10 minutes, but there were quite a few that were 10 to 20 minutes, and some were even as long as an hour.

There is a Top Performers section where you can find videos from Flirt 4 Free's top 20 performers. I recognized guys like Jerome Exupery and Helmut Huxley and other performers from Bel Ami, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox from Colby Knox, the guys from Fraternity X, as well as Jordan Levine, among many others. This section allows you to hone in on your favorite guys and watch their videos. There's also an Uploaded Videos section where models upload, except as these are all mostly solo jack-off videos, I'm not sure what makes them any different that any of the other videos on the site.

To find the photo section, you'll have to scroll to the very bottom of the site and look for Photo Archives under the Models section. There are 4,316 pages of photos that appear in the order they were uploaded by the models. There can be anywhere from one to a dozen pictures of each guy, and they're a mix of digital pics and screengrabs from their web cams. The recently uploaded pics aren't arranged in separate galleries; they simply appear in one long thumbnail page after another. There are also sections for Most Viewed and Best Performers. But the performer section is arranged by highest number of views, so unfortunately they can't be sorted by the model name. The enlarged pics appear in a viewer and the forward and back controls will continue your browsing within a specific model's available pictures. You'll have to use your back button or the link at the bottom of the viewer to go back to the gallery page you were on. You can't save any of the pictures.

There's a couple more features at Flirt 4 Free, one being a discussion forum. This is a busy place, and includes technical support, chat with both male and female performers, site news, and there's also a VIP member-only section. Chatters can also pay credits to join their favorite models' fan clubs, which may include special fan club member content or live shows. The prices may vary, but checking two different performers, I see their fan clubs cost 200 credits per month. Not all models have a fan club, by the way. Finally, there's a blog that's updated a couple of times a week with news about the site or models.

Now let's talk about issues. If you don't add your credit card to your free membership, you won't be able to claim those 120 free credits, and the site will constantly nag you throughout your visit to complete your registration. You can still browse the site and see a lot, but every so-many clicks land you on one of those nag screens. Free users used to have their time limited each day, but I couldn't determine if this was still the case. Honestly, Flirt 4 Free is a huge site with so many different options, features, and services, and it's really impossible to figure it all out in a single review session. You'll have to join, click around and discover things for yourself, but beware - they'll be hitting you up at every turn to use those credits. I really recommend getting VIP Membership to explore the site before you start spending a lot of money on credits.

Flirt 4 Free is sort of three sites in one - first there's free live chat, next you can join and watch the videos, or you can pay per minute for a variety of types of shows. But most important, there's a huge variety of men from twinks to bodybuilders to daddies - and there are women and transgender, too, if that's what you're looking for. Expect hairy guys, smooth guys, men from 18 to over 40, and many ethnicities, personalities, and there are even porn stars. Overall, Flirt 4 Free delivers exactly what you'd expect from a large live cam site with a huge variety of cam guys, features and options.

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