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Filthy Piss Pigs is a new site that offers "hardcore raunch and piss play" and the tour is packed with sexy, masculine men, so I'm looking forward to getting inside. There are lots of extras here, too, so let's get started.

The guys on Filthy Piss Pigs are a mixed bag. These scenes are produced in Europe, South America, and the U.S., and the men range from their twenties to forties with a variety of builds. You'll find slender guys with athletic builds and muscle definition, muscled hunks with bulging pecs and hard asses, guys with average bodies, and there was even a chubby piss pig who loves to open his mouth wide. There are a lot of bald men (some are either skinheads or borderline skinheads) in the European productions and lots of foreskin throughout all those movies. And because of the raunchy theme, you'll find plenty of men wearing leather, military uniforms, or other fetish gear.

Even though piss play is the central theme, there's still quite a lot of different stuff going on. One guy jacked off and pissed on himself; another stood over a mirror on the floor so he could see himself peeing on it. Another had a gang of a dozen or so Euro hunks in military gear on maneuvers playing war before this dirty dozen grabbed a buddy, stripped him, and pissed all over him, but there was no actual sex in this one. There were five videos with the chubby man squatting in his bathtub with men aiming their golden streams into his open mouth.

But there's lot of raunchy sex here, too. Two leather men find a thirsty pig in the men's room, so after draining their bladders on him and in his mouth, they feed him their cocks and fuck him on the restroom floor. Another scene has a man going down to his basement where he keeps his piss slave locked up; he pisses on him through the fence, then lets the sub out to play with his master's cock. And there are plenty of sessions of men just sharing cock and piss without any heavy master-slave theme - like the daddy who got his dick serviced in the kitchen and pissed on his 20-something bottom before fucking him.

There are 25 videos inside Filthy Piss Pigs. These scenes come from a variety of DVDs. You can download the videos in two sizes of WMV and three sizes of MP4. The WMVs come in two different groups of sizes depending on the production: 640x480 or 640x360 and 768x432; the MP4s are offered in 640x480 or 640x360 plus 2 smaller sizes that should be good for mobiles. The picture quality is average to good, about what you'd expect from DVDs from a variety of studios. If you prefer streaming, you can watch the movies in a Flash player at either 640x478 or 960x538, they're available in three speeds from low to high. There's also a full-screen mode with a variety of results, but mostly pretty decent.

Each video comes with a gallery of screencaps with 50 to 100 or so pictures in each. You can view these in thumbnail galleries and save pics individually, or you can download them in a zip file. There's no slideshow feature.

Your membership to Filthy Piss Pigs also includes access to a network of 7 other sites. One site, Piss Twinks, gives you another 48 watersports videos, but there's also Boys on the Prowl (threeways in cars), Zack Randall (a solo guy site), Boynapped (twinks in BDSM play), Straight Naked Thugs (amateurs jacking off and getting serviced), Skater Spank (skateboarders getting spanked), and ToeGasms (guys jacking off on their feet). So lots more content in the nasty or fetish genres. There are also 38 bonus videos which don't belong to any of the sites, and these include everything from guys jacking off to sucking and fucking.

Let's talk about issues. First off, this site no longer adds new content, which is disappointing - good thing the other piss site in the network still updates. There's pre-checked offer on the join page which you'll want to uncheck if you're not interested. The site's tour also promises "boyfriend share videos sent from all over the county," but there's no such amateur and user-submitted content in the member's area. Disappointing since Filthy Piss Pigs and the entire network is already quite good and doesn't need exaggerated claims to sell memberships. And there's quite a bit of advertising on the navbar, the sidebar and ads on the footer that are designed to look like content. But seeing it a couple of times, it's easy enough to avoid.

The bonus network access was also one of my complaints. It's easy to meander out the Filthy Piss Pigs member's area because clicking a category tag like "tattoos" or "hairy" brings up results for the entire network unless you also choose the site when you search. Likewise, other clicks on the navbar take you into the whole network. But it's easy enough to figure out how the network is set up, and besides, these accidental clicks often brought me to other horny scenes that I might have missed.

Filthy Piss Pigs lives up to its raunchiness. There's lots of different kinds of men and scenarios from guys pissing on themselves to guys being used as a human urinal by a number of men. And as I said, the site offers a lot more than just watersports with men sucking and fucking and getting into other types of raunchy play. The site offers 25 videos, but does not update; luckily the bonus network with its 1000+ videos gives you plenty of other dirty and kinky content to enjoy.

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