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I've reviewed a few animation sites over the years, but Filthy Figments stands out from the rest. Where many other sites offer us various types of animation that has been grabbed from here, there and everywhere, Filthy Figments features complete comic books from 53 featured artists. Think about this site as a digital comic book store, like the brick and mortar comic shop you hit every Wednesday to pick up the latest Spiderman or Batman, except these releases not only give us gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and straight themes, but includes sex, as well. As a comic book geek, I was impressed with the offering of the site and the quality of artwork. If you're into comic books, you'll want to follow along as I introduce this very unique site.

Let's start with what you'll find in the comics themselves. Each page shows the comic books covers and you select one to enter the book's detail page, which may offer separate volumes, or in the case of a complete single-volume book, all of its pages. Once you've opened up a comic book, you start on the first page and read through the book using forward and back controls, however you can begin on any page you'd like. Let's look at a couple of books to get some more detail on how the site works.

"Last Night with my Friend" tells the story of two 18 year-old guys who are about to head off to college. Dante is struggling with his feelings for his friend and his angst intensifies as he tries to find the right time to confess his feelings before his friend leaves. This comic book is in black and white (most are in color) and as we follow the story of this pair of friends, we're also treated to some pages where the couple are having sex, at least in Dante's head. So yes, we see cocks, oral and anal sex and cum shots. And just how graphic each comic book gets depends on each individual artist.

Another comic book called "Wavelength" debuted on December 6, 2017 with five of the book's 26 pages along with its cover. A little more than two weeks later, four more pages were released, then two pages 12 days after that. Three more pages came out on January 18, 2018, then three more pages just over two weeks later. The book's final nine pages were released in three different batches over the next week. So to summarize: "Wavelength" debuted on December 6, 2017 and wrapped up on March 22, 2018 and the whole book was released over eight separate updates.

When you first log into the site you'll land on a member homepage that displays the latest 12 updates at the top of the page. The site seems to be updating almost every day, however it doesn't look like the site adds content on weekends, and also over the last two week period one weekday didn't have any updates, but the other nine did. Having said that, an update is several pages from one comic book, and nine comic books are currently updating simultaneously. That's a lot more than most toon sites give you per update. There's also a Future Updates button below the updates so that you can see the next seven updates on the schedule.

Further down the page you'll find all of the comic books available on the site with the 12 most recent additions displaying as default. But in this section you can use five tabs to jump to different genres; lesbian or F/F, gay or M/M, straight or M/F, genre queer and Ensemble, which seems to feature books of threesome relationships. Within the various categories you'll also find bisexual and transgender relationships, although they don't have their own categories.

Each comic page is quite large displaying around 1000x1500 and it requires you to scroll down to move from top to bottom. At the top and bottom of the page are the controls that help you move through the book. At the bottom of the page you'll also find a dropdown menu that allows you to select specific pages to jump to and below that, you'll find a link to return to the detailed page showing all of the panels graphically.

Sometimes a complete comic book is available to download in PDF format, but not always. When it is available, I highly recommend you download them simply to ease the reading process because I found the site frustratingly slow. I'm on a high-speed Internet connection; clicking to see a comic book's detailed pages generally gave me a wait of around 20 seconds and clicking into individual pages took about five seconds. Browsing the downloaded books in PDF format was a breeze and even downloading them took no time at all. However there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which comic books can be downloaded and which can't - it's probably up to the individual artist to decide. But even when comic books aren't available as full PDF downloads, you can save each book's individual pages in jpeg format once they have loaded, but there's no zip file offering all of the pages in jpeg format.

I checked out the site on my Android cell phone and it's fully compatible. I was able to browse the site easily and I could enjoy each comic book on my phone. Each page resizes to comfortably fit my cell phone's screen and was still large enough that I could read the dialogue bubbles; my eyes aren't the best and I need to use reading glasses.

There's an Artist Bios section where you can learn more about the 53 artists behind the comic books available on the site. Each profile page displays a graphic of the artist and shows their work that's available. There's a bio, plus any website and email information, if available. The member area also offers a blog, but it's not updated very regularly. Finally, there's a link called Comic Orgy and this takes you to another separate site where you can buy many of the completed comic books as downloadable one-shots without requiring a membership.

The site has a couple of navigation issues. Once you get into a detailed page, the only way back to the members homepage is to click the site's top banner or hit your browser's back button, but this means that if you sorted the comics into one of the categories like M/M, you'll have to resort them as the default is to show everything. However, on the navbar you can produce a page that displays all of the comics, but you can also use a dropdown menu to sort by artist or tags like gay or anal play, for example.

One last thing you might want to know is that Filthy Figments offers non-members generous samples from 54 comic books on the tour. The preview of Wavelength is nine pages, Hot Summer's sneak peak is six pages and Crossplay has 13 preview pages, so you can expect hundreds of pages to read for free while you check out the artists' styles and what the site has to offer.

Filthy Figments brings together 163 comic books featuring gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight and trans story lines with sexual situations. Most of comic books are complete, however the latest nine books or so are in the process of rolling out a few pages at a time. The artwork is impressive and just as good as anything you'll see on your local comic book store's shelves. The site isn't expensive to join and considering it's updating almost every day, you'll have lots to keep you entertained and coming back for more.

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