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  • Pictures 3 stars
  • Unique 2 stars
  • Size 5 stars
Review score 81
  • 5 stars Cost
  • 5 stars Updates
  • 4 stars Usability
  • 3 stars Claims
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Introduction to faphouse.com

Massive platform offering members access to 61,066 videos in every niche imaginable featuring both amateurs to professional performers in homemade and studio gay porn videos. Most videos are offered to download or stream, but some cost extra, pic galleries also available. Dozens of new videos added daily.

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Faphouse Topics

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

98,028 videos in MP4 format, 61,066 included for members. When available, downloads are offered in some of 7 sizes from 426x240 to 4K at 3840x2160; quality ranges from average to good. Streaming, mobile compatible videos also available. Some vids require additional payment.

Picture info

Each video has a gallery of 24 to 28 screencaps in average to good quality. Pics can be saved individually, no zip files or slideshows. Some producers add their own pics which may cost extra.

Site issues

Many tour claims greatly exaggerated. No all videos are available to watch or download with your monthly membership; some require paid tokens or Fan Club memberships.

Membership cost of Faphouse

  • Monthly: $11.99 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $29.97 (recurring ever 90 days)
  • Yearly: $95.88 (recurring every 365 days)
  • Lifetime: $299.99 (does not expire)

Faphouse Review

Faphouse is a subscription-based platform where you get full access to videos created by gay porn studios and independent, amateur content creators. It’s a massive site that is a hybrid - part tube site, part fan site, and part mega membership site. They boast a ridiculous amount of videos, channels and creators across hundreds of categories and niches. This is our first look at Fap House, so let’s get logged in and see what they have on offer.

You’ll find every kind of guy here from twinks to daddies, younger guys 18 and over to older men in their sixties and seventies, jocks to hunks, and Black, White, Latin, and Asian men. Each has his own category section to help you find more of what turns you on. There are quite a few cross-dressing categories, too, but if you’re looking for Transgender or Straight content, you can change the option at the top of the page beside the Fat House logo, and it’ll take you to those sections.

Likewise, there’s every kind of action imaginable. Masturbation, sucking, and fucking are jammed with videos featuring solos, duos, threeways, and groups. And Fap House really does a good job of sorting the content in 296 categories; to name a few, you’ll find sneakers, oiled guys, kissing, face sitting, uniforms, humiliation, midgets, condoms or bareback, spanking, sex dolls, and on it goes. Some categories are massive, like solo with 48,174 videos or bareback with 21,824 videos, others are less populated like Glory Holes with 396 videos or Massage with 856 videos. There are also tags on each video’s episode page, and these are different than the Category sections, so make sure to use them.

Let’s talk about two of my favorite channels. Matty and Aiden are a real-life twink couple who have been living together in the Czech Republic since May 2020. They aren’t professional gay porn performers, but they have been making their own sex videos since summer of 2020. Aiden is blond, 23 and isusually the top, while Matty is dark haired, 25 years old, and usually bottoms, but they do swap. They don’t do tons of anal, and they don’t play with others or have threesomes, they prefer swapping blowjobs which they do liberally in the 157 videos on their channel, and they added a new video four days ago. For amateurs, I was impressed with their content - the picture quality is clear and well-lit, and I especially enjoyed watching their 4K videos – very nice!

BTrucker is a hairy bear from Spain who I’ve never seen before. He’s handsome with a thick beard and big hairy belly. He seems to top in all of his 39 videos, and he plays with men in duos, threeways, and there’s even a fiveway. He fucks a variety of types from slender guys to other bear men. Most are amateurs and unknowns, but I did see gay porn star Nate Stetson in one of the threeways. Since I’ve never seen BTrucker or his videos before, I could spend a lot of time enjoying myself on his channel. BTrucker didn’t have any 4K videos, but the 1920x1080 version played well, although it wasn’t as crisp as many of the others I watched here. I especially enjoyed the alternate camera angle inset that appeared on the main video from time to time – that was a nice touch.

Faphouse has a couple of different ways for you to enjoy the massive amount of content that’s here. First, you can purchase a membership that allows you to stream and download many of the videos; not every video will be available to you, but tens of thousands will be. Some content creators have chosen to make some of their videos available only with the purchase of extra tokens, and most content creators have a Fan Club that you can pay to join, and sometimes this gets you extras, but many times it doesn’t, and some videos on a producer’s channel may only be available to Fan Club members (these have a white diamond on a blue square on the video’s thumbnail). 

Let’s talk a little more about these Fan Clubs. Boyfun, for example, has 60 videos on Faphouse, and joining their Fan Club gets you nothing more than those videos, so no extras. BTrucker’s Fan Club gives you access to no extra content, but you can sext with him. Another video creator named Ceasar has nine videos on his channel, but you can only watch one with the monthly membership; the other eight videos require you sign up to his Fan Club. Raunchy Bastards has 108 videos on their channel, and you’re free to watch most of them with your membership, but 19 require a Fan Club add-on to watch. A producer called Isak Perverts has 131 videos and you get access to them all, his Fan Club option gets you no extras, it’s just a way for you to support him if you want, but there’s also a Tip option for that.

Honestly, I found while researching Fap House for this review that I would be pretty happy with the monthly membership option. Most content creators give you good amounts of videos to watch, and with thousands of creators, you have to asks yourself if you really need to spend more money. If you’re really gagging to see more of a particular guy, then treat yourself to his Fan Club, but remember that joining several can get expensive.

FapHouse has 374 channels with content from professional gay porn studios like Boys Halfway House, Boyfun, Twink Pop, Gay Hoopla, Blacks on Boys, Falcon Studios, Family Dick, Next Door Studios, and so many more. Each channel includes a portion of the studio's total inventory; For instance, Boyfun's has over 4,800 videos on their website, but they only offer 60 videos on their Fap House channel. I’m reviewing the site in March 2024, and Boyfun did add a video to their channel in early February, but it was a video produced in August 2022, so these studio channels may not offer a producer’s newest videos, which doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable. And there are so many channels here and from producers I don’t know, I could talk about them all day. 

Fap House offers a whopping 98,028 videos from 5,270 channels in 343 categories, but it’s important to remember that you may not be able to watch or download all of the videos. 14,328 videos require the use of tokens to watch or download them; 33,806 videos require a Fan Club membership;, which leaves 61,066 videos that are available for FapHouse monthly members. However, those numbers don’t add up neatly to 98,028 videos, but rather 109,200, so there must be some crossover. Still, that’s an amazing amount of content available for a $11.99 membership.

With this many videos from so many content creators, it’s hard to speak in absolutes about videos sizes and quality. Videos are available in any number of seven sizes: 426x240, 640,360, 854x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080, and some videos offer a Quad HD version at 2650x1440 (usually called 2K), and a 4K at 3840x2160; there are 6,727 4K videos on the site. The quality varies by producer since some are studio productions and others are filmed in the content creator’s home with whatever camera equipment they may have. The videos I watched were all pretty good quality, I didn’t watch anything that gave me pause, but I could only watch a small selection of scenes. Some of the videos are filmed with cell phones in portrait orientation, and I’m never fond of these, but you may like them.

Each video also has a picture gallery that contains 24 to 28 screencaps auto-generated by the system. The pictures are as large as 1406x788, but vary depending on the size of the video. The quality is average to good. The pictures display in a slider with forward and back controls, but there’s no slideshow feature. You can save the pictures individually, but there’s no zip file to save the whole set. I’d prefer the pictures were offered in JPEG format, but they come as WebP and I don’t find these as easy to deal with as other formats. Performers can add separate photos on their channel page under Photos and these can be a mix of ones included with your membership or others requiring a Fan Club add-on.

The site’s tour says they add 600 videos a day, but this is exaggerated. I spot-checked two days, which wasn’t easy since the videos are dated only on each episode page, and I found 260 videos were added one day and 120 videos added the next. Still, upwards of 100 videos a day is an awesome offering.

Are there any drawbacks with Fap House? I find a few of the tour claims are exaggerated. It says there are 711,295 videos on the tour, but when I click “All Videos” inside the members area, I see there are only 98,028 video; perhaps they count each version of a video separately. I have already mentioned that the 600 daily updates is also hugely exaggerated, although 120 to 260 over the days I checked still give you tons of content to enjoy. I also wish the site did a better job of explaining the various ways you can consume or enjoy content. They don’t tell you upfront that a monthly membership doesn’t give you run of the house, and in fact, their “Unlock 500,000+ Full Porn Videos in One Subscription” is simply not true. As close as I can figure, you can watch 61,066 videos with your membership – still, that’s a lot of content. I wish the performers had better bio sections, most are pretty vague with no stats details.

Finally, I’d recommend using the site for a while before you start purchasing Fan Club add-ons or tokens. First, you’ll want to get the lay of the land and understand what your membership gives you without spending more money unnecessarily. Second, many of the Fan Clubs don’t give you anything extra, so they’re a waste of money unless you’re happy supporting the producer with this quasi tip.

Fap House mostly gets a thumbs way up from me. Forget about their tour claims around numbers of videos and frequency of updates as they’re both exaggerated. Nevertheless, there are upwards of 98,000 videos on offer (61,066 included with membership) and 120 to 260 or more added every day – that’s a LOT of content. What impressed me most was the sheer number of gay porn producers I have never seen before. There are 4,895 video creators here, and most of them are amateurs, although you’ll find plenty of studio porn and porn stars here, too. With all this “new meat in town” I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Even with a couple of drawbacks, I still highly recommended checking this site out.

Things we disliked

  • Not all videos included for members
  • Add-ons can get expensive
  • Little info about each performer
  • Tour claims grossly exaggerated
  • Some guys never show their faces

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