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FTM features, in their own words, "The hottest trans men around, in solo & hardcore action!" Their performers include female-to-male guys, many with hairy legs and bellies, some with hairy - even very furry - chests. Some are masculine and rough, others - like cute FTM bear Chance Armstrong - are on the cute side, and still very guy-like, if you see what I mean. But what all the guys on this site have in common is that they all have pussies - manginas - and they all transformed from female to male. The women on this site are voluptuous and sexy, and they're all chicks with dicks, so this site offers some very intense gender-bending. Many of the models here are tattooed, and they're also porn stars; Dicky Johnson and Michelle Austin are not only stars in their own right, but I believe they're also the owners of the site.

The action here is a mix of solos and hardcore action. Each hardcore session pairs a tranny woman with a trans man together for cock sucking, pussy licking and fucking. Sometimes the trans man has a plastic cock filling his underwear, so you may see it get sucked, other scenes get right to it so the tgirl licks her partner's male pussy, fingers him, he'll suck her dick, and then she'll bend him over and fuck his cunt before shooting a load of tranny cum. The solos are hot, too, each showing one of the guys stripping down, teasing the camera and playing with their man-pussies, which have oversized clits that are more like small cocks.

FTM currently offers 19 videos. While the content is dated, what I can tell you is that it's currently updating a couple times per month, although updates were slower a few months ago when the site launched. The videos are available to download in MP4 format in either three or four sizes, the largest either shown at 1280x720 or 1920x1080, and the two smallest sizes are perfect for smart phones and lower end tablets that play MP4s. Video quality is amateur to fairly good amateur, although they are shot using available light, which can make some of them seem a little dim.

For those who'd rather watch than download, each video is also available to stream at about 864x482 in three qualities or four, depending on the video. (Hint: If you want to go full screen, choose the highest quality.) While I was unable to discover the format of the streaming videos, they played fine in all the browsers I tried them in, although not perfectly smoothly till they were fully loaded. Good news is that the streaming videos have graphic timelines, which are handy if you want to skip forward or back.

FTM also offers 12 picture sets. The pics are digital stills shown at either 708x1062 or 708x472 depending on orientation and the quality is mostly amateur. The pictures are shot to show off the models and the action, and they do a great job of showing of the trans men dressed, undressed, and either playing their their manginas or sucking and fucking with their tbabe partners. The pics are either a little on the dark side or sometimes over lit from the flash being used too close to the models, but they definitely get the job done. They're available in zip files, can be enjoyed as hands-free slideshows, and you can post comments and rate each pic.

The site also has a blog, and while there are only a few posts, one is an absolute must-read if you love trans porn and behind the scenes stuff. You'll also find info if you're looking to do a shoot for the site plus a couple announcements.

Now let's talk about negatives. My main complaint about this site is that it's small, and with two monthly updates isn't going to grow very fast. On the other hand, there aren't that many sites with FTM content, especially featuring FTM with MTF content, so we can be forgiving. I did run into an occasional navigation issue when the script running the site would blank the content on a page or would require a second click to go to the page I was clicking to, but it wasn't a big deal. I'd like to see a model index so we can get to know the performers, and a few more blogs post with industry news and behind the scenes stuff would be a plus.

When all is said and done, FTM delivers the kind of content you can't find just anywhere - trans men who are pre-op where it counts. If you're looking for hot female-to-male transsexual porn stars with male bodies, often hairy, who still have their pussies, this site delivers. I liked the solo sessions, and the hardcore scenes are with MTF trannies with tits and fully functional cocks who love nailing those man-pussies. There are 19 videos that can be downloaded, streamed or viewed on your mobile, and there are also 12 photo sets and a blog. While FTM could use some growth, the action and the performers deliver mangina getting masturbated, as well as licked and filled.

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