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The owners of EuroBoyXXX have been producing porn DVDs for decades. Their performers are smooth European males (primarily twinks and jocks) between 18 and 25 years old with slender to athletic bodies, although there's an occasional daddy in the action with one of the lads, and they're mostly from the UK. Since the models are from Europe and Britain, there are plenty of uncut cocks, and quite a few of the performers have pretty big dicks, too. Some of the guys are amateurs who you won't see on any other sites while others are porn stars and regulars who you might have seen before. Names like Jamie West, Skylar Blu and Rhys Cosey will probably ring a bell, although most of the newest performers use only a first name.

Most of the scenes are hardcore duos and threesomes, but there's some group sex and solo jerk off sessions in the mix, as well. There's plenty of cock sucking and ass fucking going on (including over 130 bareback videos), as well as fondling, messy facials, cum eating, a little soft bondage, dildo play and 50 outdoor sex sessions, too. Bottom boys ride cocks in over half the videos, and there's some flip flop fuck scenes where the guys take turns fucking each other. And you'll find the performers getting it on or masturbating in livingrooms, bedrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, the bathroom. There's some office sex, fucking in the hottub - there's even a few scenes where the guys suck and screw in a moving car.

EuroBoyXXX has grown to 493 videos, 74 more than there were about a year and a half ago thanks to weekly updates. The videos are DRM-free and offered in either two, three or four sizes of MP4. Most of the vids are sized up to 1280x720, the newest offered in two non-HD sizes or in four sizes including a full HD version; some vids may be smaller. The videos are good amateur quality or better, and the smaller versions will play on most mobiles. The videos are downloadable full scenes that can also be streamed. Most or all of the videos are full scenes from 50+ DVD titles, but new scenes are released on the site first before the DVDs are released, so they are exclusive for a few weeks.

All but the oldest videos come with picture sets - 390 in all. Some of the pics are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 1066x1600 while other sets contain screencaps sized at from 640x442 to 1000x688, and these are pretty good for screencaps. Each set can be downloaded in a zip file or you can save just the individual photos you like; while there are no slideshows, you can navigate easily from picture to picture. There are from around 48 to over 100 pics per set.

Members also get access to 12 bonus sites from the same network. Most feature twinks; two offer British twinks, there's another site with international twinks, there's Latinos and straight guys. The rest of the sites offer more general twink, average guy and amateur content with some hunks and studs thrown in. There are also 38 bonus videos that aren't twink themed. And last, members get limited access to seven more gay porn networks. While they're hoping you'll buy a membership, there are at least two and up to five full videos to watch per network, and it appears they're the latest updates, so which videos can be watched may change from week to week.

There are some downsides worth mentioning. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second membership when you join EuroBoyXXX. Trial members get limited access - they can only watch the four latest videos, and it's not clear if those are the four latest videos from EuroBoyXXX or from the network. There's a very large ad with a trailer on it near the top of every page in the member area, and the bottom of the page has two rows of animated thumbs. And while not exactly an issue, the site cut its updates back from two to one per week.

I wanted to address the comment under this review that says the site is recycling updates, which means re-dating existing content to make it seem like new updates. The site may do this to some degree, but it's also grown by 74 videos, and when you re-date the old videos, the site doesn't grow. Some of the latest updates are available at only the two smallest sizes, so they may be older videos. That being said, I know the studio has produced new DVDs to pull updates from.

EuroBoyXXX offers horny UK and EU lads in mostly hardcore action with some solos mixed in. The 493 videos can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobiles, and the site updates every week. There are also 390 picture sets, and while the videos are taken from the studio's DVDs, you won't find them in other member sites. Last are the 12 bonus sites with over 1,500 videos and several weekly updates. In fact, I liked what I found here from the horny twinks, jocks and amateurs, most with slender bodies and uncut cocks, to the mostly hardcore action. Add in the network bonus sites, and EuroBoyXXX gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

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