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Eros Exotica Gay offers a collection of tantric sex and erotic massage videos. The videos are hot and entertaining as well as educational at the same time. The site is actually a course with instruction videos that teach you about tantra and how to please your sex partners in an erotic way. Most of the videos here are duos, but there are some solo sessions as well. The videos are all about slow erotic pleasure and not so much about orgasms, which is exactly the purpose of tantra. The site teaches you how to use your body, massages and oil to release a positive and sexual energy for you and your partner. The course also focuses on eye contact and breathing techniques.

The men in the instruction videos are very attractive with beautiful, muscular bodies. It looks like they are European, as they all have uncut cocks. Most of them are in their twenties and thirties, and they seem to be pretty experienced when it comes to tantric sex and the Kama Sutra. The videos show a lot of tenderness, such as kissing, fondling, hugging and massaging, as well as anal massages and cock stroking. While you won't find much hardcore action, some of the scenes do show a bit of penetration. While you watch the men in action, a relaxing voice tells you more about what they are doing. Some words or expressions might seem unusual; a cock is called a "wand of pleasure," for example.

Eros Exotica Gay offers eight full-length instruction videos which have been divided into smaller clips, each between 6 and over 11 minutes long. The full scenes are each 40 minutes or longer, and have been grabbed from tantra DVDs. It looks like the videos have been added at the time of the launch and the site has never updated. The videos are offered in WMV format and play at a size of 860x480. They are of good quality with sharp visuals and clear sound, and there is music as well as commentary. You can download the scenes by saving the link to your own computer. You can also watch the videos online, but since the site doesn't offer a player, the videos will play in your browser's built-in video player.

There are four photo galleries inside the member's area and each gallery offers between 50 and 75 photos. These are digital stills that are shown at a size of 683x1024. They are of good quality and the action has been captured well. You can browse from one photo to the next or watch them in a hands-free slideshow. While you can save individual images to your computer, there are no downloadable zip files. On the gallery index, it says "more pictures coming soon," but I doubt that will really happen, since there are only four galleries and it looks like nothing new has been added in months.

Eros Exotica Gay comes with a lot of bonus content, but unfortunately it's all straight porn. You will get access to over 11,000 hardcore porn scenes in different straight niches which you can only watch online. The category feature doesn't seem to work and therefore it's quite hard to find any particular niche or type of model you might be interested in.

While the videos are unique and entertaining, the site has a couple issues - size and lack of updates. There are only eight videos, although with a total playing time of over 5 hours, that's still more video than a lot of sites have at their launch. I was disappointed there were only four photo galleries, and sadly it doesn't look like the site is being updated anymore. Also the videos are only offered in one format (WMV), so members won't be able to watch them on their iPods, iPads or a number of other mobiles. When you want to play a video online, you may need to re-enter your username and password before the video starts playing.

Eros Exotica Gay is a very unique site; I don't believe there are other tantra sex sites out there. If you are interested in tantric sex, erotic massage and the Kama Sutra, then I am sure that this site will be of interest. The videos are engrossing to watch and the performers are pretty hot. A voice gives you instructions and explains what the men in the videos are doing. While the videos are exciting, I wouldn't say that this is a general porn site; it's more like an online course. With only eight videos and four photo galleries, the site is very small, but members get access to a lot of straight hardcore porn scenes. Still, the Eros Exotica Gay content is beautiful, sexual and quite unusual, and I really enjoyed it.

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