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Eric Deman is a massive site focusing on naked men caught on camera who often don't know they're being watched. There are videos of truckers who pull over to relieve themselves by the bushes, guys who can't hold it whipping their dicks out and pissing in an alley. The site peeks inside locker rooms to show unsuspecting athletes changing or hanging out, not to mention nudity on TV reality and sports shows and in movies. And then there's what the site refers to as "general nudity" where you'll find streakers, men at nude beaches, nudists going for a bike ride, neighbors caught naked on their balconies - that sort of thing. The site's mission is catching guys partly exposed or naked on video.

Since this is all about male nudity rather than a type of guy, you'll find variety. There are well-built hunks and jocks, college and semi-pro rugby players, a few celebs here and there (I spotted John and Yoko naked, as well as Lenny Kravitz, who's got a nice ass), average guys showing off their asses after a few drinks. There are rowdy Scots whose kilts blow up to expose their butts, military men in barracks, and a rocker dude pissing off stage while his band plays on. There are average guys caught drying off after they shower, as well as house painters caught changing or sneaking off to take a leak.

Eric Deman lists over 4,000 videos, each on its own page and offered as either a single clip or a short video broken into several clips or both. The site currently adds 10 video clips per day five days a week for a total of 50 new clips added per week. Many of the videos are listed in the alphabetical listings for each year but aren't in the categories or by date, so it's impossible to get an exact count.

Each video is offered in anywhere from one to several formats; I found videos in a variety of formats including WMVs, MPGs, MP4s, AVIs, Flash, TS and more; some of the latest videos are offered in MP4 and AVI format. Many of the videos are sized at 352x288, although I found some recent updates with vids sized at 480x360 or even 1920x1080, and since a lot of the vids are shot on hidden cams, cell phone cams and cameras that are hidden, it's no surprise that most are amateur quality. Vids shot in darker locations are sometimes grainy. Some of the longer videos are broken into several shorter clips, but many of the vids here are just a few seconds to over a minute, and some videos also have a streaming version on the page.

Many of the videos have one, two or three photos - some may have a gallery. Mostly these pics are screencaps, although sometimes they're amateur quality digital stills. Sizes vary from 320x240 to 605x360 or so, although I ran into some single new pics that were sized at 1920x1080. Sometimes 8 pictures are put together to create a collage of around 1024x666. There are no slideshows since most videos come with either a collage or one to a few pics each, but each picture can be individually downloaded.

Let's talk issues. The main issue I had here was finding particular guys or content. While you can browse alphabetically, you can only do so by year, and there are ten years of content listed. Since not all the videos are listed in the categories - for example, most of the pissing vids aren't listed in the pissing categories - all you can do is browse, browse, browse. If you choose to browse "Numbers" or "Collection" for each year, some years have content, but some - including this year and last year - have a listing of months with no content at all. And there's a banner on top of the member home page and a collection of eight banners at the bottom plus one on the left side.

There are a couple more things worth knowing about. First is that there's a small processing fee on top of the already pretty pricy membership cost. And while the tour claims to have 81,051 videos, and there's no way to accurately count them, I'd say that that's still way over what's offered.

Eric Deman has a lot of treasures if you like seeing regular guys pissing, partly naked or naked when they don't know they're on camera. There are plenty of truckers pissing by the road or near their truck, nude beach shots, amateurs shooting their own videos, hidden camera videos, athletes in locker rooms and showers plus some TV and movie nudity. While the site's organization is madness, updates are frequent, and with over 4,000 video clips - probably quite a bit over - and thousands of pics, the site is huge. While videos are usually quite short, often small and quality varies, there's so many of them, and they're all downloadable. While the site has some caveats, those into amateur guys pissing, caught naked in locker rooms and public places, not to mention some celebs, are probably going to like what they find at Eric Deman.

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