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Erect Model is a site that just hit our radar, although it launched back in July 2015. The headline blazes: "Explore our project full of pictures and videos of male erotica". The site is well designed, and the men are mostly handsome and well-built. There are 14 guys on the site, and they're a good-looking bunch and a few look more like magazine models. Their physiques are mostly athletic and chiseled, although a couple of them are beefier and more muscular, and most of them are smooth and clean shaven, although there are exeptions. The guys remind me of magazine models back in the day when we got our porn in glossy mags. Each one has a profile page with background and stats.

Alexander, for instance, is a handsome bearded hunk and apparently he works at a fitness center where he's a doctor. Each model has a series of stats - height, weight, hair and eye color - and extensive measurements of his cock including flaccid and erect lengths, girth, and circumcised or not. The models ages aren't noted nor is their country of original, although I suspect they're Eastern European. And many of them can be contacted through the site.

The action is all solo with an artistic flare, and I have to say that I enjoyed them. The guys are placed in all kinds of situations and the camera explores their clothed and then naked bodies. Let me give you a few examples. In one video, a guy is on a run through a wooded area when he's overcome with exhaustion. He relaxes against a tree and when he starts feeling better, he strips out of his Spandex pants and jerks his cock. His taut body is sweaty from the run and his cock his thick. He jacks furiously for several minutes then cums, but the camera is fixed on his face during his orgasm, we only see the gobs of spunk across his abs later as the camera pans down.

Another scene finds a naked guy wearing a priest's cap tied to a carved wooden chair in a Gothic cathedral. A splash of water across his body wakes him. He's blindfolded and gagged with duct tape, but eventually frees a hand and removes both, then grabs his cock and jerks it into a hard-on. He strokes his dick for several minutes, then stops without cumming, although his body jerks and spasms in the chair. Another guy is playing a plumber and once he finishes the job of fixing the bathtub, he decides to draw a bath and have a soak while playing with his dick. A couple of videos feature men in military uniforms and holding real guns, another has a hunk wear fishnet stockings and a leather jacket and he wears both high-heel shoes and knee-high men's boots.

A handsome bearded hunk in a suit is sitting on his bed. He sees an envelope with a broken heart drawn on the cover. He opens it and inside finds a piece of paper saying "I leave you". He rips the note, then lies back on the bed. After a couple of minutes he loosens his tie and shirt, unbuckles his trousers and pulls out his cock. He jerks himself off, and we do see him cum. This same man is featured in another video where he's walking around outdoors in a Scottish kilt, bare chested and shoeless. He eventually sits on a pile of dirt and jerks his hard-on, but no cumshot this time.

There are 41 exclusive, DRM-free videos at Erect Model, each offered in MP4 format. You can download each in two sizes, the HD version at 1920x1080 and the smaller version at 720x404. These are very good productions with professional lighting, sometimes moody as the scene dictates, and they're crisp and clear. The scenes are thoughtfully shot and pay attention to exploring every inch of these gorgeous men and their muscled bodies and cocks. The videos download very quickly and they're compatible with mobile devices; you can also watch them on the site in a streaming player at 900x506. These streams are available in two speeds and there's a full-screen mode with no noticeable loss in quality.

There are also 101 picture sets. Seventy of these sets are very good digital stills with between 20 to 40 pictures per set, some a few less or more. The pictures are displayed in a viewer, and you change the background color from white to light or dark grey or black. (Never seen this before.) There's a hands-free slideshow, and you can save the pictures individually by right clicking a thumb and saving as; the site offers three zip download options with different sizes, displaying the pictures at 597x900 or 679x1024 or a very large version sized at from 3000 to 5000 pixels on the long side. There are also 41 sets of screencaps, one for each video, sized at 1920x1080 at decent quality.

One has to accept that this is an artistic project that doesn't follow the normal conventions of porn where the money shot is the most important moment in a video. Erect Model considers the man's body as the main event and goes to great lengths to show us these guys from every angle, although there is cum, too.

Are there any other drawbacks? The tour claims that the site updates every four or five days and this is basically true, but the site considers a photo set or video as an update. I'm reviewing this site at the beginning of November 2016 and in October they updated with three videos and four photo sets. My only other complaint is really nitpicking: much of the text seems to have been written with search engine optimization in mind, so you'll find awkward and stilted phrases like "gay cock bondage" or "best male masturbation" or "massive cock video." And the descriptions aren't written by a native speaker of English, and while I had no problem understanding them, there are some spelling mistakes and stiff word choices. But we're here to see hot men not read about them, right?

I paused when logging into Erect Model because "artistic" in the porn world often means weird or off-the-wall stuff like the wanking crap room at the art museum where everyone pretends to marvel over a chair glued to the wall. But Erect Model was refreshing and at times breathtaking in its unique display and exploration of the male body. I enjoyed the scenarios which were both beautiful and, at times, kinky. The models are sexy, there's lots of uncut cock, and the men get naked and play with their dicks both indoors and out, so in a world of lots of the same old porn, Erect Model shines in its creativity and originality.

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