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Drill Him is a new site with hot theme - military studs in bareback gangbangs. The action pits two, three or more military tops against a new recruit who gets his throat and ass initiated. We don't see very many military sites come along, so I'm excited to get inside and see if these videos are as hot as they look on the tour.

The guys on Drill Him look to be from 18 to their mid-twenties, and many of them are sporting military-type haircuts. The performers are mostly smooth and sport athletic bodies, ripped and lean but not that muscular. Some of the scenes start with the guys wearing camouflage pants and army-green t-shirts with dog tags hanging around their necks, but some open with the guys already naked.

The action takes place in mock military barracks, which is a plain room furnished with military cots or bunk beds and lockers. A couple of videos are filmed in the communal showers or an army tent. There's not much of a story line in these scenes, usually just a brief description like "six hot military men pound the hell out of an army stud while holding him down in the shower" or "two army hunks party in the barracks while fucking some young recruit." These are military fantasy scenes; the site isn't trying to convince you they have cameras in real military barracks; that being said, the action can be pretty hot.

"Tag Out" opens with a soldier face-fucking a new recruit while his buddy holds the squirming guy on his cot. Meanwhile, another guy is asleep on another cot, and he sleeps through the whole ass-banging session. After getting their dicks sucked, these two soldiers go hard on this recruit's ass, fucking his raw hole and finally spunking all over it. The tops are quite aggressive, barking orders, roughly manhandling their bottoms, and thrusting hard into their mouths and asses. Some of the recruits gag and sputter, but none of them is begging for it to stop ... sorry, I forgot, their mouths are full, so how can they beg? In "Smashed Ass," five studs hold a recruit suspended in their arms and take turns drilling his ass in the shower. And "Boot Cum Dump" has three soldiers getting extended blowjob action from a hungry private who ends up taking all their loads in his ass.

There are 18 exclusive videos in the Drill Him members area - four more than when it launched. These are MP4s that are DRM-free and available to stream at 964x544. They're good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound, which is good since these soldiers like running their dirty mouths. There's a full-screen option and the videos don't lose much quality when enlarged. Disappointingly the videos aren't available to download, but I was easily able to stream them on my Android phone. There are no picture galleries, either, but each scene has four preview thumbs below the player pulled from key points in the scene's action.

The site launched recently, and while the tour doesn't mention an update schedule, but the site has been updating twice per month this month, last month and the month before.

I would have been happier if Drill Him tried a little harder to portray real military scenarios. What's missing for me are the bootcamp drills and calisthenics, the bed inspections (lots of opportunities there for action!) and the loud-mouthed sergeant barking orders. Don't get me wrong, the sucking and fucking is hot, but Drill Him could have done a lot more with the military theme.

Are there any other issues? Well, the site is new, so it's small. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but you can opt out easily enough. The monthly membership fee is an opening special, but the site doesn't provide an expiration date, and right now the non-recurring monthly membership is $15 more than the recurring version. I would have been happier with more detailed descriptions or story lines and model profiles would be a nice addition, too.

Drill Him rolls three themes into one with military studs fucking in bareback gangbangs. And these tops have the attitude to go along with their big dicks, so expect lots of verbal abuse. At the very least you'll find three guys in every movie, but others have four to six guys. The site is launching with 18 videos, and they're adding a new video every two weeks. I'm disappointed with the lack of downloads, but the streaming videos play smooth and load quickly on my desktop and my mobile so there are none of those pesky buffering issues. And while Drill Him is a small site, it doesn't cost a lot to check out, and we hope it'll grow fairly quickly.

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