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Dicky Johnson is an award-winning female-to-male porn star with his own site. He's a handsome guy with a slim build and facial hair. He once was a girl and is now a guy who likes to fuck with other guys including guys who were girls but who are now guys (or who are half way between being a girl and a guy), as well as his significant other and partner in porn, Michelle Austin (a horny chick with a dick who used to be a dude), and he does it all in his own exclusive, transgender man-pussy movies and pics.

Dicky describes himself as a bisexual Italian-Irish guy from Philly, USA. He's got some neat tattoos and a pierced septum and tongue, and he's also got a decently fit body and comes across as a masculine guy who likes to switch between top and bottom and sometimes gets pretty kinky. He's appeared in a few Michelle Austin movies with other FTM models, and has won two industry awards, including Best FTM Performance for the German Transgendered Festival 2015. With his partner, Michelle Austin, he also presents FTM.com and is at the forefront of the rising genre in porn, FTM hardcore. He's also more than a little bit cute.

You can watch Dicky in solo and action movies that feature Dicky Johnson in every one. You're wondering about the "dicky" now, aren't you? Well, if FTM porn is new to you then you're going to be fascinated by the fact that this guy has a pussy and you're going to want to see the size of Dicky's clit (there's no other way to put it). They talk about man pussy but this is also man-clit action, with Dicky masturbating in various locations and also using a clit pump, then getting down to some duo action with other FTM models, porn star Tristan Matthews and Michelle in scenes that include Dicky being dominated and Dicky fucking his co-stars. There is even one scene so far which is POV so you can get to experience what it's like to be a trans man yourself.

Dicky Johnson has 21 streaming videos, and I believe these are all exclusive to the site. They are shown in a player with three or four choices of quality with the best claiming to be sized at either 1920x1080 or 1280x720 along with the lower versions, although the player is sized by default at 920x540 regardless of which resolution you choose. The quality is fairly good amateur with decent natural lighting and natural sound, and the camera is hand-held to get in close with the action. Good news is that you can go full screen without too much loss of quality when viewing the higher vids. You can jump through the streams and add them to your own favorites if you like, and they come with very brief descriptions.

Over in the photos area there are 12 picture sets with between 27 and 157 pics each. Pictures are shown on galleries that cascade as they open to give you one long page of thumbs; click on one to enlarge and you get an on online image at around 710x470. You can download entire sets in zip files, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from picture to picture if you wish. The images are fairly good amateur quality and the sets contain both action and posed shots.

Dicky Johnson offers an "About me" page on the site that offers a profile, a little about him, and his filmography, which is handy if you want to get to know him. There is also the start of a blog, and while there are only two posts, both made relatively recently and on the same day, they make good reading and help supplement those very brief descriptions for the two episodes he writes about. I only wish all the episodes had these detailed, interesting descriptions from Dicky himself.

The site has a calendar which shows upload dates for videos, galleries and blog posts, and these seem to be added according no specific schedule. There were three videos and one photo set added in the last couple months, the latest within the last week, only one video uploaded the three months ago and two videos the month before that and so on. This calendar is a good thing to keep an eye on as it also tells you when our main man will be making public appearances and lists other events that are coming up, and it has a tool where you can select what kind of info you see on it. Members can also leave comments on the site and rate the content. There is also a feature where you can send tips to Dicky.

There are a few things that could use some improvement. First is that the site updates occur anywhere from a week to three weeks apart, although the calendar now shows the date to expect the next update. I was also a little disappointed that the videos aren't offered for download; it would be nice to have at least a downloadable mobile version of each video. There was also a lack of info about the scenes and the models, and I would have liked to get to know more about the performers. I'd also love to see Dicky add more posts to his blog.

If you're a fan of FTM porn, chances are you already know about Dicky Johnson as he's a forerunner of the genre and he knows how to put on a horny show. He's also a hottie if you're curious as to what a transgender female-to-male model is like (hint - he's sexy, tattooed and masculine). The thing is, you have the good standard of porn as you'd find on many a good porn site, but here we've got the fascinating twist that the cute guy star not only has a nice male build, but he's also got a pussy with an elongated clit to use as a dick and he knows how to use it. The 21 movies and 12 picture sets are exclusive, quality is decent, there's a nice mix of solo and hardcore action and the monthly membership price is reasonable for a relatively new and growing site.

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