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Dick Wadd is well known as a producer of some of the nastiest bareback sex and raunch play around and their video-on-demand site allows to watch their DVDs online. The site also includes DVDs from 14 other producers, all top name studios in the bareback sex arena. We haven't reviewed this site before, so let's head inside and take a look.

With 16 studios and 675 DVDs on offer, the types of men on Dick Wadd varies. There's a small offering of younger guys in their early twenties with slender, smooth bodies, but most of the guys are more mature men in their late twenties to early fifties; it really depends on the studio. For instance, the men from Dark Alley Media tend to be buff muscled guys (both smooth and hairy). The men from Hot Desert Knights are 20-something Euro boys with well-defined bodies from the European division of the production company and more mature, mostly hairy men in their thirties and forties from the American division. Meanwhile, the guys in the Treasure Island Media videos are largely amateur men who come in all body types and ages with a variety of white, Latino, and black men. And several of the studios feature loads of black men. Honestly, there's such a wide range of men on Dick Wadd that I'd be surprised if you didn't find lots of guys to your liking.

The action is raunchy. There's your standard sucking dick and fucking ass bareback. The site's masthead says, "If it's not Dick Wadd, it's vanilla." And that pretty much sums it up. These cum pigs get their asses fucked raw by one or more men then take jizz sprays on their faces, in their mouths, on their bodies, and up their asses. You'll find lots of group action packed with cock riders who like it raw, nasty, and rough. There are 66 DVDs on the site that include piss play, and not just one guy urinating on another, but piss pigs down on their knees taking golden showers from multiple men; I even saw men pissing inside assholes. There are also another 42 DVD titles giving you intense fisting sessions.

The videos are offered in streaming player at 750x420 in MP4 format. You can stream the videos in four different bitrates; each alters the picture quality, but the size of the player remains the same. You can view the movies in a full-screen mode and the quality depends on the video. Largely these full-screen viewings were pretty good, but I found I enjoyed them best while using my computer monitor as a television and sitting across the room on my couch. I didn't have a problem with any of the highest-quality bitrates, my computer handled them fine. There are no photo galleries on the site, but each DVD's large-size thumbnail gallery gives you a preview of the men and the action, although these thumbs don't enlarge.

Dick Wadd offers two monthly viewing packages: 300 and 600 minutes. The DVDs run from 90 to 120 minutes, so even the lowest viewing package allows you to watch 2.5 two-hour DVDs each month. Your time allotment displays at the top of the page, so you always know how many minutes you have left. You can watch a free two-minute free preview of each DVD before you begin using your time, and once you start watching a movie, there's a visual time line that lets you jump backwards and forwards through the different scenes. So you can watch a scene or two, or the whole DVD, it's up to you.

The site makes it easy to upgrade to a higher viewing package or to add more minutes. An extra 20 minutes costs $5, 40 minutes is $10, and 80 minutes will run you $20, if you want to add another 160 minutes, that'll cost $40. And Dick Wadd also has a download-to-own option that allows you to download and keep a video, costing you anywhere from $9.95 to $29.95 per DVD. If you prefer to purchase hard copy DVDs, you can do that, too.

You can search the DVDs by recent updates (although they're not dated, so I don't know how "recent" they are), you can browse through the most popular DVDs or search by studio or actors. There's also a free-form search field and several preset categories that will allow you to focus on dildos, fisting, Latino, or leather, for example. I found Dick Wadd's navigation a bit cumbersome because the DVD section includes only Dick Wadd productions where the Watch Now section includes all the production companies, as well as Dick Wadd's productions.

I don't know how often Dick Wadd adds new DVDs to their network as they're not dated, but the site has added 151 DVD titles in the past 16 months, which averages over 2 DVDs per month. But with over 650 DVDs on offer, you'll certainly have lots to keep you entertained before you start needing more. I could have gotten lost on Dick Wadd for a week of non-stop viewing and whacked my willy until it was ready to fall off, so there's lots to see here.

Once I got used to the set-up, I quite liked Dick Wadd. I'm not a big downloader of videos because I don't like clogging up my computer. While I have a few favorite scenes that I watch semi-regularly, I mostly like watching scenes once and moving on, so Dick Wadd's set-up is perfect for me. I don't really collect DVDs, but their download to own or hard copy DVDs are available if I want to do either. I'm a busy guy and don't spend hours and hours watching porn, but I found their higher viewing package with 600 minutes gave me lots of quality time with my cock a couple of times a week. I think Dick Wadd's monthly membership with two different viewing packages will keep some surfers pretty happy, and their large selection of nasty and raunchy bareback sex on 675 DVDs gives you lots of variety. I was pretty happy with Dick Wadd and I think it's worth taking a look at.

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