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Deep Smashed ATL is a site that features amateur black guys in horny bareback, group, blowjob and solo JO action. The videos are filmed POV (point of view) style, and often don't show anyone's heads; when they do, they don't show their faces. In fact, the subtitle of the site is "Faceless Anonymous Freaks". And while not all the guys are from Atlanta, this is a mostly local site.

It's hard to tell you much about the guys because we often don't get to see above their shoulders, but the site does ask applying performers to be in "fit or in decent shape". The guys are mostly black, but there are a few white guys and Latinos, and they're in good shape. My hunch is that the guys are in their twenties, maybe some in their thirties, and their bodies are slender with athletic builds and mostly smooth. The cocks come in all shapes and sizes from long ones to average-sized thick ones and everything in between

Most of the action is filmed below the shoulders, so you won't see any faces, and in the case of the blowjob scenes, when the cocksucker's head is in view, he's wearing a balaclava. When it comes to the fucking, it's all bareback and either filmed POV by the top or another guy, and the two men usually swap back and forth with topping and filming duty. As well, the videos have a homemade feel rather than being produced in a studio.

Deep Smashed ATL now offers 107 exclusive videos in streaming MP4 format. They're shown at around 640x360 in your choice of three quality levels, although I'd suggest the highest quality vids unless you're on a slow connection. These are fairly good amateur quality, and the best quality versions can be expanded to full screen with little loss of quality while the lower quality versions don't fare as well. Sound is good, and while the site no longer offers downloads, I found the videos streamed smoothly. I was able to watch the videos on my phone with no issues.

What I found in the PHOTOS section was not what I expected. There are 15 "Photosets" listed, but each one is a single pic of a different guy. Some are selfies, others show cocks and bodies, sometimes with blurred out faces on in one case the guy holds his phone to cover his features. But I'd say it's a stretch to call one picture a set.

Something I want to mention is that Deep Smashed ATL has completely changed their layout. They used to have multiple categories, but now the videos are all listed on a single long page, and you have to keep clicking at the bottom to get them to load. There is a dropdown menu on the upper right of the page that says ALL TAGS, and while there aren't many, if you're looking for 3somes or blowjobs, the tags listed are pretty helpful or you can click the tags on any video page. I was disappointed to note, however, that the videos still have no descriptions.

Now let's talk about updates and amounts. We reviewed this site in December of 2015, and at the time it had 95 videos. Today, almost 14 months later, there are only 12 more videos, although the latest update is dated just three days ago - in fact, they show 13 videos added three days ago, which is one more than the site has added in over a year. And there's more - the very oldest video listed is dated Dec, 18, 2016, which is a year after we reviewed the site and found it had 95 vids. It appears that the site is recycling updates, although if so, they're renaming the videos as some of the video titles I have from our last review aren't to be found in the member area at all.

There are some more issues. It seems the videos are no longer offered for download. Previously you had to right-click on the player to download a video, but that no longer allows you to download the videos and there are no download links, so it seems we can now only stream the videos. The site offers "HD & 4K Video Support", but I saw nothing that would hint at 4K videos; the video quality at full screen is okay at best, and with the small player, 4k video would look very good even if it weren't great video for 4k. The site also offers "LIVE Streaming Sessions", but I see no live options so it seems the site is referring to the streaming videos.

The site has a calendar, but it only shows previous updates, not up and coming updates, which sort of defeats the purpose since there are dates on all the existing updates already. And, as already mentioned, the videos are no longer offered for download, which I found disappointing. By the way, I had to laugh when I discovered each photo "set" was only one picture.

One last thing I wanted to mention isn't an issue, but it's something that I haven't seen in another site: the owner here asks for tips on the member menu and below each video and pic. Perhaps it would be more useful if he simply increased his monthly membership, which is only $15, by $5.

Lots of guys want to make a porno, but not everyone wants their face plastered all over the web, so Deep Smashed ATL is an interesting project. It brings horny bottoms and tops together (mostly black amateurs from Atlanta) to show their hot sessions which run between five and 30 minutes. The site offers 107 exclusive streaming videos, and while they no longer offer downloads, the videos streamed fine on my mobile. Updates are being recycled, but even so if you like close-up cock-in-ass filming, you'll be turned on watching these tops spunking their loads all over and back into these holes. Deep Smashed ATL delivers down-and-dirty amateur action (including some interracial) that makes them a site worth checking out.

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