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CumClub is a new site from Aaron French and Seth Chase, a couple who has owned and stars in several bareback and amateur-themed sites. Like the others, this site also features horny amateurs, cum-dripping facials, bareback fucking, bottoms taking multiple loads and some anonymous sex. Or as they put it on the join page, "100% raw sex, cum swallowing, load swapping, anonymous pump-n-dumps". I'm ready for more, so join me because there's lots to talk about.

There's a variety of amateur guys in this site, most from their early twenties to somewhere in their thirties. You'll find guys with beard or face scruff (including Aaron and Seth) although more are smooth-shaven. Some guys have a tattoo or two, others have lots of tats or a large one somewhere, and some have no ink at all. There are men who are impressively hung and some with more average sized cocks, and I liked the mix of guys with really hairy bodies, some with just a little body hair and the ones who are totally smooth. Some of these amateurs are athletic and built, others are average to slim, and there are a couple who have a few extra pounds on them.

CumClub has 33 videos - more about that shortly. The videos are offered in MP4 format; the downloadable videos sized at 1280x720 at average quality or better. The videos are DRM-free, and the downloadable videos will play on most newer mobiles. All the videos can also be streamed in a player sized at about 1200x635, and they play well and look pretty good. You can enlarge the streaming videos to full screen, and how well they fare will depend on the size of your monitor; they looked fairly good on mine but did lose a little sharpness and clarity.

Each video comes with a few pictures. These are decent quality screencaps shown at their full size on the episode page of either 800x450 or 800x600. While there are no galleries, slideshows or downloadable zip files, you can save the photos individually. Most episodes came with four pics, although one I checked out had five.

There have been some changes since we first reviewed this site when it launched about three months ago. The downloads are larger and are now a consistent size of 1280x720, which I appreciated. The galleries are gone, replaced with four pics from each episode plus a few smaller, non-clickable thumbs shown in the description to help tell the story, and the descriptions are nice and long. And then there's the number of videos. On the one hand, the site itself now has 33 vids, up from seven upon launch, but half of these videos are from their other, older sites. Gone are the compilation videos, just as well since they are just clip shows of other videos and weren't offered for download. Also gone is access to the over 280 videos from those other sites; those videos are now being used for updates.

Now let's talk about updates. The site adds two updates each week, one shot exclusively for this site and the other from one of their older sites. There are no dates in the member area, but dates of up and coming updates are shown on the top of the tour, and the site appears to update on Tuesdays and Fridays. When we first reviewed the site upon launch, all the videos from the other sites were included with membership but have now been removed. Aside from the obvious - members get a lot less videos - if they re-add those videos as updates, and they already have with some, those who have been members of FuckOffGuys, SuckOffGuys or BarebackPlace previously will get updates that they've actually seen before. If you've never been a member of those sites, the content will be new for you.

CumClub delivers horny amateurs in bareback, cum eating and sometimes anonymous action. The site has grown since it launched, now offering 33 videos that are available to download, stream and watch on your mobiles. The site has added 8 videos in the past four weeks but has removed all the bonus site content, and there are no dates on the updates, so there's no way to know if they're always added on the same days of the week. If you love real amateur guys and raw action, this site is worth a look. And it even has a mission statement - "Join us as we travel across North America recruiting guys into the CumClub!" And that sounds good to me.

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