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In 2014, Colby Knox was launched by two American webcam models who are real-life couple Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. The guys describe themselves as porn enthusiasts turned cam guys turned porn stars. The site offers sexy amateurs and hot porn stars performing in at-home settings. The look and feel of the site and the content reminds me of the now-defunct Austin Zane, which was run by two straight buddies in 2011. We recently reviewed the site, but apparently there have been some changes, so we're heading back for a quick peek.

Colby Chambers is a dark-haired, 25-year-old with a lean and gym-fit body. His pubes are dark and natural and he's packing a meaty cock and prefers to top. Mickey Knox is the bottom of this couple, although he does top, as well. He's 26 years old and bespectacled, and he often wears his glasses in videos, but not always. He's also sporting a gym-fit body and has a decent sized cock. His profile says that he's "madly in love with Colby". And since they are a couple, Colby and Mickey seem to bareback in most of their scenes together.

The rest of the guys at Colby Knox are a mix of twenty-something amateurs (and a couple guys in their thirties) and guys you'll recognize from other porn productions like Mickey Taylor, Angel Cruz, Corbin Colby, Brenner Bolton, Ian Levine and others. Most of the performers are good-looking with athletic bodies and juicy cocks. There are lots of smooth guys, but there are some hairy ones, as well as guys sporting a variety of face scruff and a couple with full beards. And while Colby and Mickey are tattoo-free, about a third of the guys appearing on the site have tattoos, and some are quite heavily inked. Altogether there are 39 guys and many appear in multiple scenes, which - believe me - is no punishment.

While the videos have an amateur look and feel, there's often a bit of a story line like when Mickey Taylor was helping Colby Chambers packing up books in preparation for a move. They end up fucking on the sofa. Later, movers Mickey Taylor and Junior Fernandez take a fuck break while Colby and Mickey are fucking in the bedroom, and finally all the guys come together for a fourway in the bedroom. It's a sizzling three-part story that kept me pretty horned-up. Or there's the one where Colby and Mickey are tired of freeloader Tyler Sky not contributing toward the rent. "Dude, you've been living here for two months", says Mickey. He suggests that Tyler let them tie him up and play with him. Tyler is straight and isn't sure about this, but he doesn't have any money, so he eventually agrees.

There's quite a lot of variation when it comes to the surroundings in which Colby and Mickey shoot their videos, that helps keep the videos fresh and unique, but most of the action is filmed in and around the house where the guys live. Even though there are a couple of solo videos, the majority are hardcore duos and threesomes in which the guys kiss, suck dick, eat ass and mof course, plow some hungry holes. There is also a little spanking and softcore bondage here and there. All of the guys show passion and really enjoy performing on camera. And remember, Colby and Mickey started out as webcam performers, so there are some recorded live shows, as well, in which the guys interact with the people viewing them live.

At the time of this review, Colby Knox offers members 213 videos that you can download, stream or watch on newer mobiles. While only some of the scenes are dated and there are no dates on the comments, the site generally adds a video once a week plus some undated bonus videos in between.

The videos are MP4s that can be downloaded at 1072x608 or 1280x720 at good amateur quality with pretty sharp visuals and clear sound, and they still look pretty good even when enlarged to full screen. Newer videos are coming in at 1280x720 with bitrates in the 4+ range. The streaming videos are available in MP4 format and the site just recently increased the size of their player from 750x420 to 1260x712, which is quite an improvement. And still better news is that enlarging them to full-screen mode doesn't lose any noticeable quality. They seem to have upgraded their servers because I didn't experiencing any buffering issues when I fast forwarded, even significantly, within a scene.

Episodes don't come with matching photo sets, but each model (there are now 39 of them) has his own page with a biography and also an gallery with photos from different shoots. Usually there are between five and 24 images per gallery displaying at from 700x859 to 1000x1500. The images are amateur to good amateur quality and can be saved individually to your own computer. There's no zip files or hands-free slideshows, but there are forward and back controls on the viewer.

There aren't a lot of extras, but each model has a nice profile page with some stats, likes, dislikes, a picture gallery and an overview of the videos in which they appear. You can also tip the models or send them private messages. I am not sure whether you will actually receive an answer, though. There is a link that leads to a third-party live webcam site, but to make full use of this service, you will need to buy credits first.

I didn't really know what to expect from Colby Knox, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. There are a few issues as well, but most could easily be fixed. The updates aren't all dated, and what confused me is that the newest episodes aren't dated while many of the recent ones are. The videos are only offered in a single size and format; a second, smaller size would be handy for those on slower connections or with older mobiles. When you create your account, there's a pre-checked email offer, but if you don't want to receive emails, it's easy enough to untick. Also, I wish they would offer photo sets for every scene instead of offering photo galleries in the model profiles. Downloadable zip files and slideshows would be a nice addition, too.

One important thing to be aware of is that there's a daily download limit of 2.5 gigs. Since some of the longer videos, like "Double Date", "4Play" and "Three of a Kind" are around a gig each, and even the shorter ones are at least 700 Mb, that means that daily download limit will allow you to save only two to three videos each day, depending on the length of the video. The reason for this seems to be that the site doesn't allow automatic downloaders or accelerators, but even so I'd prefer to see a daily download limit of at least five gig or, better still, throttle users doing multiple simultaneous downloads.

There is something worth mentioning that's are more unusual than an issue. First, this is the only member site I've seen where you can tip the models without interacting with them; it makes sense, since the site owners are cam guys.

Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have managed to create something unique and different. Their site, Colby Knox, has a lot of personality and offers videos of amateur American boys getting it on and getting off. The guys are not the typical models you'll find on porn sites, although there are a few, and they are hot, passionate and most are very cute. There are now 213 exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed or enjoyed on your mobile, and the site adds one video or more each week. There are some minor issues, but overall I think this site has a lot of potential. The guys of Colby Knox enjoy what they're doing and it shows.

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