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Club Stroke is all about male masturbation, but it's not just a porn site. The site promises to hook you up with a masturbation community as well as personal ads where you can meet other guys to jack with in your city, and they even offer a listing of jack-off clubs. Sounds like a jackers paradise, doesn't it? But it's been over four years since we've been inside, so we really need to take a look and see if all of this is still happening.

Because the site is about masturbation and not a particular type of guy, the men here are all over the map. You'll find physiques ranging from slim or skinny to muscled with lots of average, athletic or fit bodies in between. Some of the guys work out, others don't. You'll find some hairy men and others with smooth bodies. The guys are a mix of white and black and Latino, tattooed or not, bald or with hair, clean shaven or with facial hair. I saw guys who appeared to be in their early twenties and others who I'd peg in their fifties. And dicks range as well from average to big with a mix of cut and uncut cocks. Most of the guys are amateurs, but I did recognize a couple of performers. It's hard to tell if the guys are really all straight, but we can pretend.

Each video usually started with a minute or two of talk between the performer and the producer, then the guy settles back on the bed or the couch and gets his dick hard. Most of the guys just use their hands, but five of them used Fleshlights. I saw one guy playing with a cock pump and he had a butt plug up his ass, another guy had a sounding rod inserted in his dick, and one was jerking off in the shower. So there is some variety, but by far most of these men are lying back on beds, couches, or comfortable chairs and pulling their cocks the old fashioned way. And when they're ready, they let their cum fly all over themselves or on the floor.

Club Stroke currently offers 186 videos. The newest videos are offered for download in three different sizes: 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 720x406. They are generally good quality and some are quite crisp. The older videos are only offered in two sizes at 850x1280 and 1360x2048 and they're average to good amateur quality, but not as crisp as the newer ones. And these older scenes also don't fare as well at full-screen mode. The site used to have different formats and split videos into smaller clips, but it doesn't do either any longer.

The site also offers 114 picture sets, which is also fewer than they used to have. These are good amateur quality digital stills and they display at 850x1280, older ones display at 720x480. The pics show off the men and the action well and include enough closeups to get viewers into the action. The photo sets have all the bells and whistles including downloadable zip files offering two different sizes of pics in the newer ones (850x1280 and 1360x2048) and one size for the older releases (960x1280); there are hands-free slideshows plus manual controls to navigate from photo to photo. Each video also comes with a set of screencaps.

As mentioned earlier, members get some extras. There are 16 bonus videos that are small by today's standards, playing at 320x240. There is another bonus section with 27 other Club Stroke videos with featured models in additional footage like oiling or lubing themselves up, putting on a cockring, chatting, exercising, even singing. Some of those missing videos could be here, it's really hard to know. There's a bio section that shows you each model's hand-written masturbation biography that starts with his stats and carries on with about ten questions: Have you ever tasted your own cum? How many times do you jack off daily? And so on.

There's a Resources link at the top of the page that takes you into a directory of personal ads, listings for jack-off clubs, and a discussion forum where posters talk about their masturbation and sexual experiences. While it can make a good read, the forum doesn't look like it's been active for quite a while. The personal ads are organized by state and there's an international section as well. They're text ads with no pics and they're undated, so there's no way to tell if they're current or not. And still other extras are Solo Touch, which includes masturbation pics and videos of men and women. Members also get access to Yanks, which features female masturbation.

Let's talk about issues. The biggest issue is that it appears that the site is recycling updates. The videos are dated from January to October 2018, and the newest ones seem to indicate that they're adding a new video every day. However we reviewed the site four years ago, but there are no videos dated before January 2018. Finally, I was able to confirm that one of the scenes in our old screenshot of the site was dated 2013, but now it's showing it was added just in 2018, and there are 60 less videos, probably to re-add as updates, so I'm afraid Club Strokes is simply recycling its content. Damn. I didn't find the user-submitted masturbation pics and videos that we enjoyed so much the last time and even the pics section on the forum didn't show me anything. Last, both interview and behind-the-scenes videos are listed in the videos section, so not all the videos include masturbation.

Club Stroke delivers horny amateurs of all kinds as they get naked and stroke their cocks till they shoot hot, salty loads of cum. Now offering 186 videos, the site is smaller than it was four years ago, but this is often a symptom of recycling sites, which I've confirmed is the case here. That being said, the site includes 114 photo sets, a model index, and a forum, plus access to a female masturbation site, straight masturbation site that includes some solo guys plus a straight / bi / gay masturbation community. The site definitely has its issues, but if you're a masturbation fan, there's enough here to keep you entertained for a month or two.

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