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If you like large men, I don't have to tell you that your choices in gay porn are limited, so Chub Videos is a really hot find for fans of men with big hairy bellies. We last reviewed the site last year, but there's been a change since then - the site has a new responsive format, which means it should work on every screen size from smaller phones to tablets to extra large monitors. And the site is still active and adding new content, so let's head inside and see what's new.

All the men at Chub Videos are 100% natural men and real amateurs - you won't find any porn stars here. The guys range from their twenties right up to one daddy who is 72 years old, but most of the men are in their thirties through their fifties. They're masculine, heavy men with big bellies and butts, massive thighs, moobs and love handles; many of them are hairy and sport facial hair - a variety of goatees and beards - but there's also some with smooth chests and bellies, as well as plenty of clean-shaven faces. You'll find cute and cuddly types, scruffy men and daddies, too.

Back in late 2009 Chub Videos started off with mostly masturbation sessions, but by fall 2010 they were largely filming hardcore; of the 29 most recent videos, only two are solos. The rest of the videos are duos and even the odd threeway, and I've seen a couple of fourgies, too. These days most of the sessions are man-on-man with lots of kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking, but they still throw in the odd solo. I saw one kinkier session with a huge bear restrained in a wooden stockade with another flogging him, but these types of scenes aren't usual; most are of the men enjoying each other in hotel rooms.

In "Big Belly Play," a heavy, twenty-something cub named Tad Pole is playing with a daddy wearing a grey goatee (his name is Robin Hooded), and this cub is fascinated with his partner's huge belly. He grabs it in both hands and rolls it around asking, "Is that okay?" He touches it and says, "It's so fucking huge," and then he climbs on top and "fucks" the bulging belly. After a couple of minutes Tad Pole asks, "Do you like me fucking your belly?" The bald daddy says he does, then adds "I'd like you to fuck my ass." Robin Hooded rolls over and bends over the bed and the cub lubes him up and grunts away on his massive ass. "You like that, fat Daddy?" he asks. After a good fuck, the daddy gives the cub some head, then lets him fuck his belly button and fill it up with cum, which is what the cub really wanted to do.

It's harder filming bigger men because bellies and robust ass cheeks get in the way and block our view of cock-in-mouth or cock-in-ass shots. I complained about this a couple reviews ago ago, and I'm happy to say that the videographer moves around more and tries getting some close-up shots. That was really nice to see.

Chub Videos now offers 145 streaming MP4 videos. The content is dated, so I can confirm that they're adding a new photo set every week and a video twice a month. There are no downloads here, but the newest videos play at 906x512, which is a decent size, and comes in three different qualities; each simply improves the picture quality but doesn't change the screen size. These are decent amateur productions with average to good amateur quality and are usually filmed in a home or motel settings. The oldest videos (but not many) play at 688x520 at lower quality than the majority of the vids.

There are photo 268 galleries now, and they are they're mostly good amateur quality digital stills, although there are also some screencaps. The digital stills display at 675x900 and look pretty good quality; the screencaps are a little smaller. The photos are displayed in thumbnail galleries with about 50 to 75 pictures per session, and there are slideshows available, but no zip files. You can also right-click and save whatever photos you want.

One thing I found curious about the picture galleries is that most of them feature the man standing and stripping off his clothes, then he lies back on the bed and unloads his balls all over his big belly. Nothing wrong with that, except these sessions don't have corresponding videos - there are only a couple dozen masturbation videos but 268 pictures galleries, and almost all of them with belly cumshots. It might be good if the site owner could set up a stationary video camera on a tripod to capture the action and add those videos to the site as additional updates or even to their own section.

All the models' pages now have profiles as well as links to their videos and galleries on the site, as well as their ages, heights, weights, and other characteristics like hair color, where they live, and whether they're top, bottom or versatile.

There aren't any real issues here, but I do have a few small complaints. The videos lack any kind of descriptions, and they don't include the names of the performers in the titles or on the pages, which would be good info to include. The oldest vids are a little smaller and lower in quality than the rest. The site claims "Fresh new exclusive chubby and daddy bear videos plus photo galleries added weekly", but the phrasing here is a bit misleading since the videos aren't added weekly. It'd be nice if the site added more than two videos a month, but at least it's still updating.

The men at Chub Videos are big and beautiful, and they aren't shy about showing off their huge bellies and playing with them or even dirty talking about them. Sites featuring heavy men aren't easy to come by, so if you're a fan, you should like this one a lot. It's nice to see that a smaller niche site is still active, and like I said earlier, the site is still adding two videos every month and a picture set weekly. With 153 men and 145 videos, you'll have lots to take in and enjoy, especially since the site's monthly price is only $19.95, and Chub Videos features real amateur chubs and bears in mostly man-on-man action.

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