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9 May 2024 Score 75 / 100 Mobile friendly

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Review score 75
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Gay porn star Cade Maddox shares his private stash of homemade videos. Watch horny performers pleasuring one of the hottest cocks in the business, then sit back and enjoy this award-winning top stretching his bottom's holes until he cums. There are 219 streaming, mobile compatible videos, and weekly updates.

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Since Last Review

  • Site has added 104 videos in 2 years
  • Site has also added 117 picture sets
  • Trial membership added
  • Monthly and yearly membership slightly increased
  • Message with Cade feature removed

Video info

Videos are streaming only.

219 streaming videos in MP4 format. Player sizes them as large as 1374x770 in 3 resolutions at average to good amateur quality. Videos play well and look good on mobiles. Downloads not included.

Picture info

141 picture sets. Pics are good quality screencaps sized at 1920x1080. Slideshows available, no zip files. Pics can be saved individually. 7 to 30+ pics per set.

Bonus content

Site news (with longer, hotter scene descriptions).

Site issues

Pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on billing page. Trial membership gives limited access. By joining, you automatically agree to receive commercial emails. Notification pop-up in member area.

Membership Cost

Trial membership only gives you limited access. There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

  • Trial: $1.00 (4 days, recurring at $14.97 every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $14.97 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $35.99 (recurring every 90 days)
  • Yearly: $119.97 (recurring every 365 days)


Cade Maddox Review

Cade Maddox has been turning us on since 2017 when he filmed his first gay porn video. In the past seven years, he's performed in hundreds of videos and won awards for Performer of the Year, Favorite Gay Porn Star, Hottest Cock, Favorite Topping Performance, and many others. He's appeared on dozens of gay porn sites, and two years ago, he launched his own site, also called Cade Maddox. It's been a couple years since the launch, so let's head over and see what's been happening.

Cade Maddox was born in Mississippi in 1988 and that makes him 36 years old. He's got movie star good looks, stands 6'1", and weighs a rock-solid 200 pounds with a chiseled, muscular body. He's reportedly packing anywhere from eight to nine inches, and he's a top - in fact, when a fan asked on Twitter why Maddox didn't bottom, he tweeted "I do not bottom ... Ever." But he does kiss, rim ass, and fuck, and has done anal sex both with condoms and bareback, although most of his scenes these days feature raw fucking.

Maddox appears with a wide variety of men in his videos, but does seem to have a fondness for younger, twinkier types like Sam Ledger, Dylan Hayes, Austin Avery, Shae Reynolds, and heaps more. But he's topped plenty of jocks, muscle men, and even a few daddies. Inside his members area, you'll find scenes with Felix Fox, Ace Quinn, William Seed, Jack Hunter, Devin Franco, Max Adonis, Quin Quire, Gabriel Cross, and many others. Most of Cade's scene partners are White, but there have been some Latinos, a handful of Black men, and a couple of Asian guys.

Most of the videos are duos that begin with some kissing before the bottom starts gulping Cade's big dick, and Maddox often rims hole before stuffing his huge cock into it. He's a verbal top, but not annoyingly so - expect lots of moaning, telling his bottoms how to suck his cock, or how much he's enjoying stretching out their tight holes. I spot-checked a handful of scenes, and he often cums inside his bottom's ass, but one pushed Cade's load out so we could see it. But I also saw Maddox cream well-fucked butt holes, he unloaded on one guy's face, and he sometimes empties his balls across a guy's torso.

Maddox appears mostly in duos and some threesomes with plenty of cock sucking, lots of fucking, and there are a few solos of him jerking off and unloading his nuts. He appears in a few threeways where he pairs up with another hung top like William Seed or Rhyheim Habazz, and they spit-roast a lucky bottom. While most of the action is sucking and fucking, Maddox does get into some kinky stuff now and then. He pisses on Dylan Hayes' chest after fucking him and he's fisted Devin Franco. He has fucked a few masked men who wanted to remain anonymous, and he gets head in an airport washroom. Most of the action happens in bedrooms or hotel suites, but there was one in a gym, another scene was filmed in front of an audience at a Cologne, Germany sex show, and one scene started outdoors but ended in Cade's bedroom. Most of the newest videos are duos with a couple of solos in the mix and there are a couple "cumpilation" videos, as well.

Cade Maddox now offers 219 videos in MP4 format, a combination of videos from his fan sites and some shot exclusively for this site. The videos stream in a player as large as 1374x770 on larger monitors, but the videos resize to fit pretty much any device. They're offered in three resolutions; the site picks the best for your set-up, but you're also free to select the resolution you want. The quality is generally good amateur with sessions that are filmed by Cade with stationary cameras and sometimes cell phones or handheld cameras.  Some of the scenes could have been lit better, and some aren't as crisp as others, so these fall under average quality, but they're all enjoyable. The videos played well and looked good on my Android phone and tablet. Most of the vids are full scenes, but I did see a couple of two-part sessions. Downloads are not available.

One last thing about the videos. I did see ten of Cade Maddox's videos in the Top Fan Vids members area. Maddox also runs two fan sites, so if you've if you've joined either of them, you may have seen some of these videos, but if you haven't these will all be new to you. Going forward, Maddox says that he will update his members area once a month with an exclusive video, but he'll share the other updates with his fan sites.

There are also 141 picture sets under Photos, or a link to each set can be found on the corresponding video's page, and these offer anywhere from seven to over 30 good quality screencaps sized at 1920x1080. The picture viewer has forward and back controls as well as a hands-free slideshow option. You can save pics individually, but there's no downloadable zip file.

Let's talk about updates. CadeMaddox has added 104 videos in the past two years and adds a new update every Monday. They missed an update on April 1, but there must have been a spare added somewhere, because everything adds up perfectly.

There are some downsides. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but it's easy to uncheck if you're not interested. The trial membership gives unspecified, limited access. By joining, you automatically agree to receive promotional emails, but you can opt out after you get the first email. The lack of downloads included in the membership is disappointing, but it's not surprising. There is a notification pop-up in the CadeMaddox members area, so be aware that if you agree to receive update notices, they can pop up in your browser at any time, even when someone else is using your computer. 

There was nothing on Cade's About Me page except for an error, I had to browse the web to find basic stats and information about him. There is now a brief bio about him on the bottom of the first tour page, however. Also, there are no model pages or profiles, and there are no category tags, which would make it easier to find things like fisting, interracial sex, or cum facials. Most of the scene descriptions are short and only some include his scene partner's name.

While not an issue, I did want to mention that there's no longer a feature to message Cade directly unless you want to appear in one of his videos, in which case you fill out the form with a pic.

Cade Maddox continues to deliver homemade scenes that Maddox has filmed himself using stationary cameras and sometimes handhelds and cell phones. The guys are hot, and the sex is even hotter – who doesn't like watching a bottom sucking a big dick then getting their holes stretched? The site has grown to to offer 219 videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles thanks to weekly updates. You also get access to site news, which has longer, dirtier descriptions of the updates from Cade. I had a lot of fun here, and Cade Maddox fans will, too.

Things we disliked

  • Downloads not included for members
  • Cade's About page has no info
  • No category tags or model info
  • Galleries have no downloadable zips

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