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Brutal Tops is a hardcore gay fetish sex and BDSM site produced out of the U.K., and the action here is quite nasty. One, two or sometimes three aggressive tops in their twenties use, abuse and humiliate bottoms in realistic scene play. The site's tag line is "CRUEL | MEAN |RELENTLESS", and these sadistic tops live up to it, holding nothing back in these creative humiliation sessions. We last reviewed Brutal Tops in July 2016, so it's time to head back and see what kind of nastiness has been going on since our last visit.

The tops are guys in their twenties with a variety of body types from slender and athletic to muscular, and they're mostly sporting uncut cocks. Many of their bodies are natural with hairy armpits, untrimmed pubes and furry chests, although some of the tops are smooth. These dominant guys are nasty pigs who sadistically use and humiliate their submissives. The subs are a variety of types and ages. Some of them are the same age as their masters while others are older men in their forties or fifties. Most are in decent shape, but a few are wearing a few extra pounds. And while some of the subs only appear in a couple of scenes, others are real gluttons for punishment and come back again and again. Sub Elliott has appeared in 83 sessions! Some of the tops come back for multiple sessions, too, but as each session is also divided into multiple parts, you'll see even a one-time top in several updates.

The latest update features Bob - he's a dark-haired lad in his twenties with a short beard and a smooth, athletic body. His slave is furry with a bit of a belly, and he kneels naked on the floor waiting for the session to begin. Bob walks in wearing a construction vest over his white t-shirt, as well as black boots and a construction helmet, and he carries a strap. He orders his slave to lick his boots. After a minute, Bob strips off his vest and t-shirt and says, "You keep doing that you little cunt." Bob orders his slave to untie his boots laces with his teeth, then when he pulls them off, the submissive has to pull off his master's socks, also with his teeth. Bob strips off all his clothes, then orders his slave to his feet and kicks him in the nuts. "Stand still", he barks as he hoofs him a few more times. The first 10 minute clip ends with Bob dildo fucking his slave on all fours, then he orders the lad to ride the sex toy himself.

There are five more updates from the full scene to come as Bob continues working the boy over in various ways. There's armpit licking and cock sucking in then next two parts, and he straps the boy; in the fourth part, he makes his slave eat his ass then he stands on the lad's chest. Next comes the ass fucking, another beating with a flogger and, finally, Bob straddles his sub's chest and cums in his mouth.

Brutal Tops works hard to produce creative BDSM fantasy scenes in a variety of settings, so you'll find executives in expensive suits brutalized by car mechanics, military guys, soccer thugs, nasty schoolboys and more. The action takes place in gyms, basements, dungeon playrooms, police stations and jail cells, locker rooms, classrooms, and just plain rooms devoid of any furniture.

The action feels authentic and unscripted with lots of verbal abuse. The tops really humiliate these subs and call them nasty names, tell them they're worthless, laugh at them, spit and piss on them, and order them around. The tops don't rely heavily on the latest accoutrement from the local fetish store to humiliate their bottoms. Instead of masking one bottom, they simply put duct tape over his eyes. Certainly there are proper ball gags, dildos, riding crops, straps, and the like, but a submissive is more likely to have his feet strung up in the air with rope than put into a stockade.

There are 451 updates at Brutal Tops. Each update (which they call a session) is only a part of a longer full scene, so I can't easily tell you exactly how many full scenes there are as they run as many as six or more parts each. The videos can be downloaded; the newest ones come in MP4 and WMV format, both playing at 960x540. Mid-age videos come in different sizes and formats: newer MP4 and Flash videos play at 700x394 and WMVs play at 960x540, and the MP4s are compatible with most mobiles. Older videos don't have the MP4 format, just a Flash version at 700x394 and WMVs are sized at 320x180 and 960x540. Most of the older scenes have a trailer and a pre- and post-shoot interview video with the submissives talking about the experience, while the newer scenes seem to have discontinued these.

You can also watch the videos in a streaming player on the site, and these are sized at 700x394. There's a full-screen mode, but I found these lost a bit of quality, they certainly weren't as crisp as I like to see. Also, worth mentioning is that I find some of the scenes a little dull looking, as if they could have been lit better, but I certainly had no problem seeing and enjoying the action.

Each video also comes with a gallery of pictures. These are pretty good quality digital stills or screencaps displayed at 1200x675, and there are about 45 to 100 per session. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can save the pictures individually by right-clicking the thumbnail and saving the link as.

To be honest, the member area is not easy to navigate. The homepage features the latest 12 scenes and a number of ads for this company's other sites, then way at the bottom of this long page is a "see all sessions" link that takes you to pages listing all 451 updates. It'd be nice if this link was at the top of the page. On the subsequent "all sessions" page, you'll find a number of dropdown menus that let you find sessions featuring a particular top or sub, or you can sort by the type of humiliation. For instance, there are 12 involving pony riding, 14 featuring subs beaten with cat o'nine tails and 50 sessions with trampling. There's an extensive list of humiliations to help you hone in on what you like best. You can also use a dropdown to go right to specific scene numbers. However if you click the site's logo at the top of the page that you'll end up on that long homepage again.

So exactly what is a session on Brutal Tops? Each Master and submissive film a long scene that is divided into a number of shorter "sessions" which are parts or clips, usually four to six, and they last from five to 15 minutes each. Each "session" is a single update, and one is added each week. The site runs a couple of humiliation scenes concurrently, adding from one this week and from the other next week, so it can take well over a month for all the parts from one scene to be added. For instance, Bob's session lasted for six scenes, but it took a total of 11 weekly updates for his whole session to roll out.

There are a few more things I didn't like. The pictures are branded with a large floating watermark that is sometimes right in the middle of the action or on a guy's body. The site also misrepresents video totals saying they have 1,816 videos, but their total counts each scene's two or three formats as separate videos. To be more accurate, we could say that the site has 451 videos, even though these are still only parts of probably around 100 full scenes. And finally, the practice of dragging out a complete scene for four to six parts means that it can take a couple of months before you can watch a scene in its entirety.

I like the guys and action at Brutal Tops a lot. I enjoyed the creative sessions that offer various scenarios featuring cops, thugs, skinheads, athletes and schoolboys. And the humiliation and abuse is convincing and believable. The dominants are good at what they do and don't need a whole lot of equipment to humiliate their subs. There are 451 updates, and a new one is added weekly. Once you get used to the navigation and updating quirks, you can get down to enjoying these ball-tingling BDSM sessions. These tops definitely live up to their brutal moniker.

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