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Breeder Fuckers is a gay fetish site that pits unsuspecting straight guys against a couple of nasty doms with a fully-equipped playroom. In these scenarios, straight guys are tricked, lured or captured, then tormented and used by these aggressive tops any way they see fit. This site replaced a similar site called Str8 Hell that was run by the same company, and they've been producing this kind of content for 11 years. It's been exactly two years since our last review, so let's see what these nasty men have been up to.

In the latest session, good-looking straight guy Liam is loading a van with boxes. A bald man stops to see if Liam needs help. He doesn't. But the man persists saying that he needs a job. The pair continue arguing and suddenly a second man jumps Liam and pushes him into the van, the bald man hops in and closes the door. They secure Liam's hands behind his back with zip ties, gag him, then pull down his pants. The pair roughly finger Liam's hole and fuck his ass. The bald man blasts this straight guy's pucker with his big load of jizz.

The pair leave Liam in the back of the van, hop in the front and drive to their private playroom. The captive is tied with his legs over his head and the men inspect his hole with a speculum. They give him an enema and fuck him with a butt plug before making him suck their dicks, which Liam doesn't like at all. In the third section, they spit roast Liam, then they put a spreader in his mouth and spray cum down his throat. In the fourth, they clamp Liam's foreskin, there's more hole fingering, and the other man blows his wad in the boy's mouth. In the fifth scene, Liam gets his ass caned and flogged and the men hang weights off his balls.

There's a different set-up for each episode. Sometimes a guy is lured with the promise of a modeling career, other times the str8 guy is abducted right off the street. And in the end, the result is the same - the guy is bound and endures a harsh training and punishment session that includes rope bondage, ball gags (or other gags); cattle prods, canes, paddles and floggers; there's cock and ball bondage, piss play, forced cock sucking and ass fucking, and a whole bunch of other nasty and sometimes creative things these doms dream up.

The victims are are mostly average to good looking straight guys in their twenties. They may be first-timers, but they may have also filmed with other sites, I know I recognized Liam. They're generally slender, sometimes with more athletic or muscular bodies; some are smooth, others hairy. Since the guys are British, most have uncut cocks. The guys are supposed to be straight, but it's hard to tell if they all are. There's a pre-episode interview where the willing victim talks to his dom about his past experience with either men or woman and expresses his limitations; the dom talks about what's going to happen and gets the guy's consent. There's often a post-scene interview where the victim talks about how he felt about the experience.

The Breeder Fuckers homepage displays the latest updates; they're dated and an update is added every week. Breeder Fuckers currently offers 126 guys, each with a full BDSM session, and like Liam's, each guy's ordeal is broken into four or five parts, and each part is added as a separate update. The site usually has two or three guys in rotation, alternating their updates until they've all been added. The videos are exclusive to the site, DRM-free, and the downloadable versions offered in WMV at 960x540. Since our last review the site has added a smaller MP4 version (746x418) for each scene, so the site is now fully compatible for mobiles. The oldest videos are available in three sizes of WMV and the MP4. And you can also stream any of these on the site. The videos are good amateur quality, and the streaming versions play smoothly.

Each video update comes with a gallery of pictures. These are fairly good quality screencaps sized at 1200x675, and there are about 100 pics per set. There are no slideshows or zip files offered, but you can right-click and save the pictures that you'd like to keep.

The site is a bit tricky to navigate, so let me give you some pointers. All the latest episodes are featured on the homepage, but each scene is also separated by large ads that appear to be more content. Across the very top and bottom of the homepage is a series of 23 thumbnails and each takes you to a guy's page where you'll find all his episodes. The last thumb says SEE MORE GUYS and this is where you'll find 11 years worth of content arranged by performer.

The biggest issue I have with this site is that they claim to have "98 BREEDERS IN 590 SESSIONS - 1,346 VIDEOS." In reality, there are 126 guys, and their sessions are broken into a total of 784 parts that are added as separate updates. By the way, the oldest videos aren't all that long - some parts are only two or three minutes each, although the newer vids parts are around 15 minutes a piece, but the full sessions are far longer. And I'm not thrilled that it takes weeks to add all the parts from a guy's session.

There are a few more issues with the site. The pictures are watermarked with the site's logo in the middle of the photos, and in my opinion, this infringes on your enjoyment of the pictures. Breeder Fuckers also adds a $1.95 processing fee to the monthly membership. The $39.95 membership is already at the upper limit of what most subscription websites charge, so I think the site should cover this cost themselves. And previously we complained that only the newer episodes were mobile compatible, but now all scenes have a mobile version in MP4 format.

One last thing worth mentioning is that "breeder" refers to "straight" and not "breeding" as in bareback sex. "Fuckers" refers to "assholes" or "wankers", not guys fucking.

I really like Breeder Fuckers. This site offers BDSM and fetish fantasy sessions where straight guys are abused, manhandled, humiliated, punished and forced to do all kinds of nasty things. The acting is mostly pretty convincing and believable. The doms are fantastic at their craft and really know how to humiliate their straight victims and make them scream in pain. And the straight guys themselves go through a lot, swearing and yelling, and some actually cry real tears. There's lot of variation in storylines, so we're not constantly dealing with the same scenario over and over. There's a lot to like about Breeder Fuckers for fans of gay BDSM and forced sex, and don't forget about all those uncut cocks.

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