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Boy Gloryhole is run by Asian gloryhole aficionados with a very distinct flair. This glossy site shows some very appealing gloryhole experiences featuring Asian twinks. Since their advent, gloryholes have become wildly popular, and not only in the gay community. Gloryhole sex is the possibility inherent in anonymous sexual encounters, only it is made even more anonymous by the wall separating the cock and the user of that cock. Sucking and fucking both occur, the choice being that of the person using said cock. The owner of the cock gets pleased in any case, which was one of the primary appeals of the entire gloryhole niche. Just put it through the hole and miracles happen! Honestly, it is not hard to find the erotic potential there.

In each Boy Gloryhole episode, we find a solo Asian guy, typically a twink, sitting on a toilet by the hole and playing with himself. The atmosphere is very clean - I want to say Japanese - and tidy. There is the usual graffiti around the hole, talking about cocks and sucking and fucking, but it is all done in a most tidy and tasteful way - this is not some highway restroom gloryhole. A big uncut black cock pushes itself through the hole (usually it's the same cock), and the twink goes to town on it, sucking it and sometimes backing up to it and taking it up his ass. There is every bit the action of any gloryhole video work, complete with huge cumshots on the face.

Boy Gloryhole offers 25 videos, each with videos, and apparently the site has stopped updating. Not only that, but the 2 episodes added after our first visit don't feature twinks, they feature Asian ladyboys doing the sucking. The videos are exclusive and are offered in WMV format. They're DRM-free full scenes sized at 1280x720, pretty much sharp and crystal clear. The vids have good production values and lighting, and show off the guys and the action to perfection.

The pictures are also large and high quality. Each entry has from 100 to 175 pictures taken throughout the video shoot except for the two ladyboy shoots, which still have over 50 photos each. The pics are shown at 1200x800 and are approximately 135k each with an impressively clear and large look. There are a good amount of closeups and medium shots, and the action is well-caught. There are plenty of closeups of cum but sometimes the cocks actually shooting cum aren't shown in the pics. While most of the galleries don't include slideshows or zip files, you can save any pics you like individually.

Let's talk about the issues. As already mentioned, the site no longer updates, and hasn't for some time. There's a pre-checked offer on the join page that will sign you up for a second site membership if you leave it ticked. There are 3 prominent banner ads above the content on every page. And also already mentioned is that the 2 most recent updates feature tgirls sucking cock rather than twinks.

I found Boy Gloryhole intriguing. It appears there was a lot of enthusiasm at the construction and production end of things and these guys definitely know their niche. There are 25 downloadable episodes in the member area, each with good quality pics, but the 2 most recent updates feature trannies, and the site stopped updating some time ago. The Asian twinks are cock hungry and enthusiastic, and the creamy endings and the muted statements during most of the videos testified, to me, of some relish and enjoyment over the "project" at hand, so to speak. While it's a shame that the site is no longer adding new content, Boy Gloryhole delivers on their promise of "cute boys sucking, fucking and masturbating in public toilets" - I just wish there was more of it.

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