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Boy for Sale is a daring new site from the producer of Missionary Boys, but Master Legrand has left his old family of sites, and he's producing content for a new network. Boy for Sale is his third new site in the past month; it's provocative and unlike anything I've seen before, although I think I said that about his last site, Growl Boys, too. If you're into daddy-boy sex, domination, and humiliation, you're going to want to follow along.

Austin L Young is the star of this site, but you may know him as Austin Armstrong. He's famous for his recurring role for an infamous fauxcest site where stepfathers fuck their stepsons. Now Austin is playing a college lad who is hard on his luck and tired of struggling. "Overwhelmed by the pressures and responsibilities of young adulthood, he’s fantasized about being able to give up his independence." One night, while sitting in the cold on the street, a car pulls up and Master Felix invites Austin to join him. Felix takes Austin home and asks only one thing of him - obedience. "Total submission in every way, this is the requirement," Felix says in the voice-over. With training, Austin discovers that his true nature is to serve, to be desired, to be used. And Master Felix gets him ready.

Austin learns how to take his Master's firm hand, both gripping his cock and balls and slapping his ass, and Felix opens the lad's hole with his favorite glass dildo. And finally, Austin learns to take a vigorous dildo fucking while simultaneously having his dick stroked by his Master's hand. Felix finally lets Austin's cock erupt, spewing white cum all over the lad's smooth belly.

In the second scene, Master Felix puts his boy on display at an auction where rich men are looking for a trained plaything. Felix shows off the lad's slim, smooth body, then puts him on all fours so the audience can view his beautiful fuck hole; the Master even slips his finger inside. Eventually, one man has won the bidding. Master Legrand approaches to claim his prize. The room empties, and Master Felix slips into the darkness. The new master touches the boy's ass, then takes off his belt and teases his cock and balls with it. "Look how hard you got your cock for me," he says, looping his belt around it and adding, "you dirty boy." Then the buyer pulls out his huge cock and slides it into Austin's tight hole. He fucks him a number of ways and even cums twice inside the lad's ass.

Legrand has the boy for a couple more scenes, but eventually he throws his own auction so that a new owner can enjoy this lad's hole. A half dozen men in suits sit in a circle as Austin serves them drinks. "You can sample his hole," Master Legrand tells the men, "but you may not cum inside. That is reserved for his owner." And so it continues.

One final word on the videos. Most of the focus is on Austin himself. We do see both Master Felix and Legrand on their profile pages. And Felix is visible in his first scene, but he's masked in the second one. We catches glimpses of Legrand's face throughout his scenes, although we see much more of his furry body and big cock.

Boy for Sale is a brand new site that just launched with six exclusive videos. They're available in MP4 format, and you can stream them in four speeds at 1920x1080. Each speed plays at the same screen size, but the quality lessens as you move from full HD to low quality. The videos are well produced and sexy. The videos play well in the streaming player, and I had no problem moving ahead in the time line as the site uses a full-streaming server. Unfortunately, the videos are not available for download, but the lower quality versions should play on most mobiles.

Each episode has a selection of good quality pictures. The pics are sized at 1080x1620 (portrait) or 1620x1080 (landscape), and there are around 30 pictures for each scene. You can view them in a player with forward and back controls, but there's no slideshow feature. There's no zip downloads either, but you can save the individual pics you want to keep.

It may be worth mentioning that Austin Armstrong retired from porn over a year ago, but he seems to have resurfaced as Austin L Young with a new Twitter account, and the site lists him as an exclusive model for this new production company.

There are a few downsides. The episodes aren't dated, so I have no idea how often they'll be adding updates. While the theme and videos are exciting, the price of admission is a bit steep for six videos, although hopefully the site will grow quickly. Also, when logging in, you will pass through a full-page ad for some other sites, and when returning to the homepage you'll repeatedly be presented with a link to Austin L Young's own site that you'll need to decline. Finally, I have no way of knowing if Austin L Young will be continuing as the Boy for Sale or whether they'll be bringing in other guys. We'll have to wait and see.

Boy for Sale is a provocative site with a unique theme and very hot sex. If you're into daddy-boy sex, I think you'll be pleased with these productions. At their highest quality the six videos are big and crisp, and the streaming server plays them well, so you can sit back and enjoy them without any problems. The pics are a nice plus, and I look forward to watching this site grow. Boy for Sale is definitely worth checking out.

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