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Black Boy Addictionz features amateur black guys in homemade movies filmed in the site owner's home and in hotel rooms. The site is run by a white guy named Michael Galletta who obviously loves black men. The performers here are mostly in their twenties with slender to athletic bodies. They're in good shape, some ripped and more muscular but not too overdone, if you know what I mean. Many of the performers are sort of ebony guys next door, which is refreshing since so many black sites focus only on thugs and gangstas. It's been 15 months since we reviewed this site, so I'm looking forward to checking it out again since I loved it on my previous visits.

Some of the performers here are straight, others bisexual or gay, and Galletta has a good eye - there are plenty of good-looking studs here and lots of big black dicks, too. There are lots of first timers, but there are also guys who have appeared on this site over 10 or 15 times, so not really amateurs any more - they've learned their way around sex on camera - and there are also a handful of guys who have appeared on other sites. Michael Galletta himself is white, and he appears 69 of the videos playing with some of his favorites, although he hasn't appeared in any of the latest scenes. The site still says Galletta is 40 years old, but he's probably 42 by now; he's in good shape, he's addicted to black guys and he loves to fuck ass.

Let's talk about how Black Boy Addictionz works before we get into specifics about the videos. You can buy a streaming membership that will allow you to watch as many videos as you'd like. Downloads cost extra and require you purchase a package of 15 to 200 credits; you can redeem the appropriate number of tokens to download a video. Downloads cost anywhere from two to 16 credits, although most are mid-range at eight to 10 credits. And by the way, members get a discount on the number of credits required to download or stash each scene to the cloud (more about the cloud in a second).

As always with this type of site, I recommend starting with the streaming membership and keeping track of which videos you might want to download. This will allow you to buy the right package of tokens and not waste your money. But if you don't want a monthly membership, the credits can be used for viewing and downloading videos, which might be ideal if you're a very casual consumer. There's also a "stash to cloud" option which means that your video is saved in the cloud and available whenever you want to view it, even if your monthly membership has expired or you don't have one. Stashing to the cloud usually costs three to seven credits per video.

There are 385 exclusive videos inside Black Boy Addictionz, and a top-of-page dropdown menu lets you find videos by release date, title, model type and model name, as well as by categories like raw sex, Jamaican guys, first times, flip-flops, rough sex, threesomes, and more. Some scenes feature cock stroking while others go all the way with blowjobs, rimming and fucking.

I watched "Bandit's Revenge" featuring top stud Saint who has appeared in 36 videos on the site. His big dick and fucking style are notorious, but as the intro says, "payback is a bitch". Bandit enters the hotel room and finds a naked Saint on the bed with his wrists and ankles handcuffed waiting to be fucked. Saint is going to get it worse than he's ever given because Bandit is packing a 10 inch dick, which is a couple of inches bigger than Saint's. Bandit makes Saint gulp his dick and eat his ass, then he rolls the bottom onto his back, and we get a bird's eye view of those ten raw inches sliding into Saint's tight puckered hole. It's an awesome fuck scene that's going in my spank bank for a little while.

Most of the 385 videos inside Black Boy Addictionz are full scenes, but a few are sessions broken into two parts. You can stream the vids in MP4 format at 890x500 or 680x500, depending on the age of the scene. They're available in three speeds and there's a full-screen mode, too, and the high-quality versions fare best here. If you've purchased tokens you can download the videos at 1280x720, although the oldest have a viewing area of 975x720 with black bars on the sides. These are homemade videos, and I found the quality was quite good for amateur stuff with fairly good lighting and sound, although some are a bit on the dark side. And Galletta captures that action well with plenty of juicy cock-in-ass close-ups. Most of the scenes are satisfyingly long, running at between 30 minutes and over an hour - seven of the 12 latest videos run over 50 minutes.

By the way, the videos are compatible with all but the oldest mobiles, and if you'd prefer you can browse the mobile version of the site on your phone. I found the regular site worked fine with my phone, and the videos looked good and streamed smoothly.

There are no picture sets on Black Boy Addictionz - instead each episode page has two medium-sized pictures (sized at 440x248) previewing the action. What I really liked were the scene descriptions that give us lots of details about the guys and the action. There's also a model index where 151 guys have detailed profile pages, each covering the guy's stats and a healthy description about who he is and what he likes, and you'll find links to all of his scenes. Not all of these profiles have a picture of the model, but even the ones without a pic do include a profile. There's also a blog that repeats the updates, but unlike the member area, the blog posts include the dates the updates were added and more tidbits about the guys and their scenes.

Now let's talk about updates. It's been 17 months since our last visit, and there are 49 more videos - that's about 25 videos short considering that the owner tells us that he tries to update on Fridays, but it is an average of almost three updates per month. None of the videos are dated on the videos homepage, the scene listings or on the episode pages themselves. The blog posts for each episode are dated and bear out weekly updates with some skipped weeks, which he addresses frankly, when he was at an event or there was a holiday. Also a few blog updates talk about a future update that's listed when it goes live, so perhaps these things explain why the site hasn't grown more. 

I'm not a fan of sites that make members pay extra to download videos, so this is my biggest beef with Black Boy Addictionz. However it's not a deal breaker for me; there are so many more great things about the site, and since I'm not a video collector, I'm happy with the quality of the streaming set-up. I'd like to see update dates on the episodes inside the member area rather than only on the blog. And I admit that I can't understand why some of the earliest models on the site still don't have preview pics.

Black Boy Addictionz is a labor of love. Michael Galletta loves black men, and his site really shows his passion. There's a nice variety of ebony guys - some straight, others curious and lots committed to gay sex - doing everything from jacking off to sucking and fucking. Galletta films himself playing with some of the guys, but Black Boy Addictionz isn't one of those sites where the director barges into every video. I found him nice-looking and enjoyable to watch - I loved seeing him show some of the straight guys how good a dude's mouth feels on their dicks - but if he isn't your cup of tea, there are over 300 other videos without him. Most of the action is black on black with a split between condom and bareback sex. I really enjoyed Black Boy Addictionz and found it refreshingly unapologetic with black guys simply enjoying each other and their dicks. I highly recommend checking out this one - it's a hidden gem.

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