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BiEmpire features male/male/female bisexual threeways. This is a new site, but the content may not be brand new. BiEmpire was created when its producer Doghouse Digital separated its content into two sites - one site will concentrate of straight gangbang sessions and BiEmpire has all the MMF scenes. There are some nice features here and six bonus sites included in your membership, so let's get inside and see what's going on.

The performers here are Eastern European, a mix of mostly Czech and Hungarian, and they're generally in their twenties and early thirties, attractive with nice bodies. The guys have a variety of physiques from slender to muscular, and some of them have sexy beefcake physiques. And Europeans are generally uncut, so there's plenty of foreskin here. I recognize a lot of the guys as porn regulars like Paul Fresh, Tomm Black, Luke Ward, Nick Gill, Andy West and the late Denis Reed. There were plenty of faces I didn't recognize, too; perhaps up and comers or one- or two-film wonders. As for the women, I'm not sure if they're porn regulars as I don't watch straight porn, but I found them attractive.

The action here is all guy/guy/girl threeways, and the site creates scenes where bi-curious couples explore their interest in swinging both ways, except on this site that means the guys are the ones doing the exploring. The episodes often have a brief story line to get us into the action. When a guy arrives home with a long-stemmed rose to make up with his girlfriend after a fight, he finds her sitting with another guy who explains to the boyfriend that she still isn't talking to him. "So why are you here?" the boyfriend asks. "I'm here to fuck you in the ass or she's leaving", says the stranger. Whoa! Those are pretty strong words, but the boyfriend agrees. Other videos follow a cuckold theme where the husband watches another man getting cozy with his wife, then he eventually joins in and sits on the stranger's cock.

So all of the scenes are MMF, and while I didn't watch every single one, at least one of the guys in the scenes I did watch gets fucked. But the woman isn't left out; she often gets fucked, too. There's plenty of dick sucking and pussy eating, with both the woman and the guys getting in on the oral, and you can expect plenty of spit-roasting. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that these aren't scenes where two guys take care of the woman - they're very much exploring guy-on-guy sex themselves. All of the fucking, whether it's vaginal or anal, is with condoms, which is odd because the bonus content is mostly condom-free.

BiEmpire offers 90 exclusive videos in MP4 format. The downloads come in seven sizes from a very small 320x178 to a full HD version at 1920x1080, and there are two smaller HD versions at 960x544 and 1280x720. The other smaller sizes are good for slower internet connections or phones, and all the videos are mobile compatible. The vids are studio quality productions with good sound and lighting. You can stream the videos in multiple qualities in a player at 960x544, and the larger sizes are good quality. There's a full-screen mode and the higher-quality videos fare well; the lower bitrate videos are fuzzy to begin with in the player (unless you're on a smaller screened device) so I wouldn't bother trying to enlarge them. While the performers are all Eastern European, any dialogue I heard was in English, in some vids better than others.

Seventy of the episodes also come with picture sets. These are good quality digital stills sized at 1280x1920, and you can view them in thumbnail galleries or download the sets as zip files to view them offline. If you don't want to save entire sets, you can also save the pics you like individually. There's no hands-free slideshows, but there are forward and back controls. There are between 200 and 300 images per set, however there are a fair amount of repetitive shots.

BiEmpire members get access to six bonus sites. There are four straight sites called Doghouse Digital, Mile High Selection, Reality Junkies and Sweet Sinner and two girl/girl sites called Lesbian Older Younger and Sweetheart Video. Altogether there are over 6,300 videos inside the network.

There are some issues here to discuss. First is a pre-checked join offer on the right side of the billing page that will ding you for a second site membership if you don't opt out. Trial members can only stream the videos, and the trial membership rebills at $15 more than the regular monthly membership. There's also a fake customer service pop-up when you leave the join page without signing up. BTW, when you join, you automatically agree to receive emails, and there's no way to opt out when joining.

The member area has a large yellow special offer banner on the side of every page, and unfortunately it covers the forward control in the picture galleries, but I'm told this will disappear soon as it's simply for a site-opening survey. There are also some claims on the tour that, while they might be true, pertain to the entire network of sites and not BiEmpire specifically. So you may see claims of 900 or 2,600 videos, but this refers to all seven network sites, and neither number is correct anyway - there are over 6,300 videos.

BiEmpire is off to a great start. All the action here are bisexual threeways with no one getting left out, and the guys are into sucking cock and getting fucked just as much as the girls are. I found the performers attractive, and some of the set-ups were fun. The sex is hot with the guys sucking dick as much as the girls do, and at least one of the guys gets fucked in every scene. there 90 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and the site adds a new video every Thursday. Members also get access to six straight and all-girl bonus sites. The BiEmpire content is good quality, the action delivers what the tour promises, and fans of bisexual MMF threeways should be quite happy with what the site has to offer.

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