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The Beefcake Hunter is a horny guy with a camera and a taste for straight cock who finds straight men ranging from everyday average guys to well-built hunks and convinces them to go gay for pay. You won't find porn stars or pro models here, but you will find all sorts of guys next door. There's some blue collar types - construction workers, house painters and mechanics - as well as waiters, salesmen, some unemployed guys, clerks, a personal trainer, college students and more. The straight men here are from all walks of life, and you'll find body types ranging from average to ripped and athletic, looks from "regular guy" to scruffy to handsome and hot; there are men with facial hair, some with tattoos, a number with unshaven body hair, and a decent mix of white, black and Latin guys.

Some of the guys here are convinced to let the Beefcake Hunter (his name is Vic) service their cocks, showing his blowjob skills with some talented oral action, while in other sessions - sometimes new guys, sometimes returnees - the amateurs are horny enough to fuck the Hunter's hungry ass before blowing their loads for the camera. The site also has three solo scenes where straight amateurs who aren't willing to go further show how they like to stroke their cocks, but there hasn't been a solo in well over a year. In some of the videos the guys tell us a little about themselves while in others they just want to get down to business.

There's Max, a scruffy, tattooed delivery guy, who finds himself horny and broke and was able to earn some cash and blow his load boning the Beefcake Hunter. Anthony is a really cute Cuban waiter who is convinced to pound the Beefcake Hunter's ass while Gary is a big, burly biker with a full beard who decided getting a blowjob from a guy would feel great and solve his money problems. Mike is ex-army, and he's always fantasized about getting into straight porn - his cock stays hard through his entire shoot. And Michael S. is a construction worker with eight inches of dick who was pretty nervous till the Beefcake Hunter wraps his lips around that piece of straight meat and shows him just how well another guy knows how to suck cock. The latest update features JC, a blatino truck driver daddy with a salt and pepper beard and lots of tattoos.

There are 127 exclusive videos inside Beefcake Hunter, and the site adds a new video once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday. The videos are DRM-free, and they're offered in MP4 format. The downloadable versions are sized at 1920x1080 (there's no smaller downloads for mobiles) at decent to good amateur quality, while the streaming versions are sized at 715x360 but are easily enlarged to full screen. The videos play back smoothly, and while lighting is often a little dim (there's no pro lighting or camera men here), I had no problems enjoying the videos.

Each video comes with a set of pictures and a nice, juicy description from JC that talks about the guys and the sex. The pics are pretty good quality screencaps shown in a strip and sized at 480x270. You can scroll through the strip to see all the photos in a set, and while there are no slideshows or zip files on offer, any pics you'd like to keep can be easily individually downloaded.

This is a true amateur site, so it makes sense that it would have amateur lighting, and the vids aren't so dark as to be a problem. There's a blue cast in parts of some of the videos; the photographer apparently isn't too familiar with adjusting white balance. While not an issue, I'd also like to see the streaming videos offered at a bigger size, and I'd like to see the downloadable videos offered in a smaller size for mobiles. The LIVE HUNTING links leads to a general third-party live cam site. And last, the term "beefcake" generally refers to well-built muscle hunks, but that's not the case here. Just expect a wide variety of regular guys rather than muscle beach bodybuilders and you'll be fine.

Beefcake Hunter delivers amateur straight guys of all types getting paid to appear on video while getting serviced by an experienced cock sucker or even fucking him on camera. The 127 episodes offer exclusive videos that can be downloaded or streamed, a steamy description of the guy and the action and a set of decent quality screencaps. The site updates weekly with a new first-timer or returning guy who decided that going gay for pay was a good way to make some cash while blowing their loads. Site navigation is now fast and easy to use, and I really like the mix of men here from bikers to personal trainers, construction workers to computer techs, all getting off on camera. If you're into real straight amateurs exploring gay sex, Beefcake Hunter is definitely worth visiting.

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