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Today we're looking at a site called Becoming Femme where you'll find sexy cross dressers and TVs servicing cock with their hungry mouths and asses. The CDs here are a mix of compliant, feminine babes who do what they're told and more masculine sissies who dress as women and wear wigs and makeup, and love taking the female side as they suck dick while their stroke their own cocks. You'll find slim tbabes, chubby CDs and every body type in between. They wear lingerie, stripper-wear or other sexy outfits, sometimes including stockings, stretchy lace bras and panties, although the panties come off once the fucking begins.

Kandie is a slim Latina with long hair, dark eyes and a soft, feminine voice. She waslks into the room talking to the guy she's about to service - this video's shot POV, so all we see of him is his cock and thighs - then gets down on her knees, strokes his hard cock and blows him, licking his balls, and finally sucking him off and drinking his load. Pretty blonde Raven Shaddows gets fucked by an assertive businessman in a suit, and he's got a big dick; in another video, Raven gives a nice long blowjob. There are a couple older CDs in their fifties or perhaps sixties, and Vee and Jeena Doucure are chubby, dark haired and each worships a hard cock - Jeena also gets fucked in her big, round ass.

There's lots of cocksucking, handjobs and fucking here, and most of the action is bareback. Many of the videos are shot POV (point of view), and in those you don't see the guy who's getting sucked or doing the fucking - you only see his cock. For a little variety, there are a handful of sessions where we see the guy as well as the CD who services him. The guys are mostly well-hung, and the tbabes and CDs love taking those huge cocks in their asses. Most of the videos take place in hotel rooms, and most of the tgirls and CDs do a little dirty talking - some more than a little - to get us turned on.

Becoming Femme currently offers 58 exclusive videos, and the site adds another video every six days. The vids are available in MP4 format. Downloads are sized at 1920x1080 at good amateur quality, and there are two smaller sizes; the smallest is sized at 854x480, so it'll play for all the but oldest mobiles. If you prefer, you can stream the movies rather than download them. All three sizes play in a player sized at about 900x850, and if you choose the enlarge the vids to full screen and you're on a full sized monitor, the highest quality 1080P vids look the best.

There are also 57 picture sets. These are digital stills, the newer sized at 1066x1600 at good amateur quality; the older are sized at 900x1600 or vise versa, and they're mostly also good amateur quality, although I did run across one set where the photos were pretty grainy. You can download each set in a zip file or save the pics you like individually, and there is a hands-free slideshow or you can click on the right or left side of each picture to navigate forward or back without going back to the gallery.

Overall I liked this site, but there are a few downsides you may want to know about. First, there are two pre-checked offers on the billing page, so make sure you've read them before you join; if you're not interested, they're easy to uncheck. Next, make sure your speakers are turned down a bit before you go to each video's page because the streaming videos autoplay, starting almost as soon as you arrive on the page. And while each model's page has an area for a profile, none of the profiles are filled our nor is there any info about the models - just links to their content.

Becoming Femme offers hardcore action as sexy crossdressers and horny TVs show off their blowjob skills and some get pumped by big cocks fucking their hungry asses. There's probably the widest variety of models I've seen in a CD site, and there's some dirty talk, too. The site offers 58 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and a new video is added every six days. There are also 57 picture galleries. If you love watching CDs and TVs service cocks in mostly POV action, Becoming Femme is definitely worth a visit.

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