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Bait Bus is probably the original tricked straight guy reality site, and it's been going strong for years. The idea is this: Two guys drive around in their van with a sexy girl on board; she's the bait to trick passing straight guys into the van. Once they find a guy, the girl promises him a blowjob, but after the blindfold comes off the picked-up guys discover they're getting head from another guy. You may have seen the site before, or you might have seen others that tried to emulate it, but this is the original, so climb aboard the Bait Bus and see what's waiting inside.

There's a variety of guys who catch a ride with the Bait Bus. There are twinks, jocks, bearded studs, smooth and handsome types, unshaven guys with hairy pits and pubes, but most of the guys are college types in their early twenties. There are a few episodes with daddies and men in their thirties, tattooed dudes, some guys with shaved heads, others with hairy bodies, and some muscle hunks, as well. Most of the guys are white, but there are a healthy number of Latin guys, and I saw one Asian guy and a few black guys, as well. By the way, a number of the guys who appear on this site have gone on to do gay porn, some becoming well-known faces.

How do you know these guys are really straight? Well, how do you know any straight model is actually straight? The thing to do is watch the scene from the start, listen to the chat and the persuasion, then as things unfold watch the guys' reactions when they realize it's a male mouth around their cock. And listen in as things heat up with the offer of money if the straight guys will go further. Then make up your own mind. Not all episodes are alike. There is something set up about some of the videos; they feel a bit staged, but they give us the right close-ups at the right times, they show us the sex, the lighting and sound are fine considering we're often on the move in the bus.

Bait Bus currently offers 345 videos. The newer downloadable videos are available in MP4 format with the biggest playing at 1920x1080 and there are three smaller sizes, too (640x360, 852x480, 1280x720). The older vids are smaller at 640x480 and also in MP4 format, so they and the smaller new vids can play on most mobiles. Video quality is good amateur or better, and while the oldest videos aren't quite as good as the newer, they're still enjoyable. For those who don't want to save the videos, they can also be streamed in two different sizes that vary with the age of the production. The videos play in an embedded player on the page or you can opt for a pop-up viewer if you prefer.

Each episode also includes a set of pics. The newer are pretty good quality screencaps sized at 1280x720, and the older are average quality sized at 640x480, and these latter are stretched to fill the page. You can save the pictures individually, but since there are anywhere between 300 to 800 pictures per set you might want to download the zip files. It's worth mentioning that while there are hundreds of pics in the sets, many are repetitious poses - the site really could have trimmed these back to 100 or so.

Bait Bus stopped updating in 2014, but since then they have started production again. In April 2016, they released their first new scene in two years and have added one each month except for a skipped update in May. Regardless, it's nice to see them on the road again.

There are some more issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page and trial members get limited access; they can watch only four videos. There's no daily download limit, but the site reserves the right to restrict downloads at any time. I expect that means if you go crazy, they'll restrict your downloads, but there's no specifics. Bait Bus has stopped and started production a couple of times over the years, and while we're in a phase with monthly updates, this could change again.

One last issue is that the site's member area is loaded with ads, many disguised to look like content or bonus sites. There are even two animated banners beside the streaming video player, which is distracting, but if you download the videos or use the pop-up viewer, you won't be disturbed.

Bait Bus has a fun concept and was ground breaking in gay porn years ago. It's now been copied and, possibly, improved upon by other sites, but it is still a contender in the straight-goes-gay department. Offering 345 episodes, each with pics and videos that can be downloaded, streamed and watched on most mobiles, the site has just started updating monthly again. I still enjoy watching straight guys (or supposedly straight guys) get tricked into gay blowjobs and more, and there are plenty of videos here to keep you going.

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