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Bait Buddies is one of the original "tricked straight guy" sites, and it's been around since 2007. While newer and older episodes vary in theme, the bottom line is straight amateurs getting tricked into gay sex. The men here range through their twenties and thirties, and they're generally in good shape - you'll find many well-built jocks and hunks. They're mostly white, but there's a good number of black and Latin guys, too, and you'll find a mix of smooth and hairy men among them, as well as bearded and clean shaven, tattooed or not. Dick sizes are all over the map, as are heights and hair color.

There are differences between the older videos and the newer. The older vids often have a woman as "bait" to lure in the straight guys. She talks the subject into stripping down and getting hard for her, indicating she might do a scene with him. Sometimes the guy is so horny that he decides to go for the bait boy when they bring him out, other times he jerks off for the camera, and sometimes they skip the bait girl and just go for it.

The newer episodes follows a theme where a straight guy and a gay guy are called in for an audition, but the straight guy is lured by the idea of doing a straight porn shoot with a woman and thinks the other dude is straight, too. Eventually the producer lets the guys know that the woman they were going to fuck didn't show up (sometimes he tells the guys that they have to prove they can get hard before he brings her out). In order to save the audition, he's willing to pay them more if they'll play with each other. The straight guy kicks up a fuss (some are better at it than others) but eventually these two dudes get down to business.

And of course, we all know where this goes. The director uses any number of devices and excuses to get the straight guy to go further and have sex with the other guy. The director might suggest they trade handjobs or he might tell the straight guy he can earn more money if he let's the other guy blow him. Invariably the straight guy fucks the gay dude or sometimes it's the other way around.

The older Bait Buddies scenarios seem pretty authentic, and the straight guys often throw a fit or protest when they're faced with having sex with another guy. But these days the site uses mostly porn performers and even gay porn regulars who play the roles of straight guys. For instance, one of the latest videos features Brogan Reed who has filmed dozens of gay sex videos, but when the producer asks him why he wanted to try porn he said, "Because I like sex and I like to try new things". The newest episodes feature more Latin guys, and there a couple scenes that feature two repeat performers - guys who have appeared on the site before.

Bait Buddies has grown to 593 exclusive videos, and the site continues to add an update every Thursday like clockwork. The videos are DRM-free and can be downloaded in MP4 format. New downloadable MP4s are sized at 1280x720, a decent size, and they're still good quality and compatible with newer mobiles. The oldest vids are sized at 640x480 at fairly good amateur quality. There is also a streaming version of each video available and the newest play at 976x560 and come in four different qualities include an HD version that enlarges to full screen well. The older ones are a little smaller and are offered in three speeds.

Each video comes with a set of good amateur quality digital stills. In the online galleries the pictures usually display at 800x533, but if you download the zip files pic sizes range anywhere from 365x550 (oldest) to 1120x1680 (newest), or if you prefer you can also save the pictures individually. There's no slideshow feature offered but there are forward and back controls to ease navigation.

Bait Buddies members get access to a bonus site called Island Porno that offers a collection of full-length DVDs that rotate out each month, so every month members have new DVDs to watch. Niches vary, so you may get porn stars or amateurs, daddies, barebacking, interracial or group sex.

In addition the to trial and full membership options, the site offers a free trial that doesn't require a credit card. Once you sign up, you can browse everything the site has to offer and get an idea of how the member area works. You can check out all the guys, stream trailers for all of the videos (that's over 10 hours of trailers to watch), and get access to the first pics in each pic set. If you want more, you'll have to upgrade to a paid membership; if you don't, you don't even have to cancel as you didn't give them your credit card info.

When it comes to issues, there are a few things worth mentioning. Full members can download up to 20 hours of videos per week, and after that your downloads will be blocked for between 12 and 72 hours, although you'll still be able to stream the videos. Also the site prohibits the use of automatic downloading software. Trial members can stream all the videos but cannot download them, which is clearly listed on the join page. And the older videos are lower quality than the newer ones, but they're still quite watchable. Other than that, there's not a lot to complain about; the site is easy to navigate, updates regularly and there's a model index with profiles.

Bait Buddies is one of the better and more consistent tricked straight guy sites around, and there's a really good mix of horny models in 593 exclusive videos that can be downloaded, streamed and watched on your mobile. Each episode also comes with a set of pics, and the site updates every Thursday and has done so for years. In addition to all that exclusive content, there's also a bonus site. The straight dudes at Bait Buddies come to fuck a girl on video and end up getting gay blowjobs and fucking another guy for the first time. And even though the newest videos are often clearly fantasy, they're still fun to watch and the sex is pretty hot.

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