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Review score 70
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European guys go over the knee for hard spanking sessions by a man’s hand, a strap, or a paddle. There are 190+ exclusive videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles with a new update added every week. Some of the guys suck dick and other gets their asses fucked before and after their spankings. Bonus access to a Latino spanking site.

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Video info

Videos are streaming only.

194 exclusive, streaming videos in MP4 format. Newest videos offered in up to 7 speeds from 360p to 4K at good quality. Some of the oldest videos don’t have the 2K and 4K versions. Videos are mobile compatible.

Picture info

74 picture sets under Our Boys. Pics are decent quality screencaps sized at 1280x720. Slideshows availab le, no zi pfiles. Pics can be saved individually. 12 pictures per set.

Bonus content

Membership includes access to a Latin spanking site from the same studio.

Site issues

New membership needs to be verified by email before log-in link is provided.

Membership cost of Bad-Lads

  • Monthly: $29.99 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Half Yearly: $99.99 (recurring every 180 days)
  • Annual: $169.99 (recurring every 365 days)

Bad-Lads Review

Bad-Lads is a site that we haven’t reviewed before that features a wide variety of guys from twinks to muscle hunks getting their bare asses spanked, paddled, and strapped. There’s also some dick sucking and fucking thrown in for variety, but the main thrust of this site is hard discipline on tender butts. Let’s get logged in and watch some spanking videos.

There are a few different spankers here. The older videos uses guys who aren’t any older than the ones they’re spanking. Jamie and Elias are 18  and 19 year old jocks, one bi and one straight, and they’re both in good shape with ripped torsos. Daddy C is a handsome, inked muscle man in his thirties or forties who takes boys over his knee in 11 videos. Pigboy Ruben is a heavily tatted bearded man who is well-known in fetish porn circles, and he’s played in raunchy videos all over the place, so it’s not surprising to see him here spanking hot butts. With 37 videos under his belt, he does the most spanking here by far.

The guys getting their asses spanked are a mix of European men from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Moldava, but there may be guys from other places, too. Many of the guys are cute 20-somethings with smooth and athletic bodies. There are a handful that are older and beefier with muscled bodies. I recognize a few faces, but Eastern European performers tend to use aliases on different sites, and these guys all use single names, so it’s difficult to list them, but Luke Ward and Ollie Barn are two who I recognize.

There aren’t really any storylines here, most videos open with a guy already over the spankers knee and he starts swatting their clothed bums. As the spanking progresses, he removes layers until he’s hand spanking a guy’s bare bum. Occasionally he uses a paddle or leather strap, but not always. Some videos do have a bit of a situation to get us into the spanking. In “Big Ass Muscle Jock Caught in the Act”, Pigboy walks into a hunk’s bedroom to find him jacking his hard dick while watching phone porn. “Jacking off again?” Pigboy says, “I need to get my paddle”. He straps the man’s ass until it’s beet red and sore looking.

But these sessions aren’t all spanking. One dark-haired lad named Finn strokes his cock with soapy lather in the shower, he sucks his spanker in a second five-minute video, but the blowjob stops before any cum flies; in a third video, the same man takes this cocksucker over his knee for a 17-minute spanking. The second and third videos are clearly parts of the same session, but they’ve split them into blowjob and spanking segments and presented them as separate updates. There are also 46 videos that include fucking, and these are a mix of condom and bareback. Not all of the fucking videos include spanking, but as with Finn’s videos, I’m seeing many are split into separate fucking and spanking segments. 

Bad-Lads has 194 exclusive, streaming videos in MP4 format, a mix of 110 with spanking and the remaining offer various kinds of action from shower jack-offs to full-on fuck sessions. The very newest are offered in seven speeds including 2K and 4K while the older releases often come in five sizes up to 1920x1080, which is still pretty good. The adaptive player picks the best speed for your set-up and resizes the videos to fit your device’s screen, but you’re free to pick another quality from the list. The videos are good quality, lit well with good sound so you can hear the spanking and the guys yelping and hollering. The highest quality videos fared well at full-screen mode. and they did well on my phone and tablet. If there is dialogue, it’s often not English and there are no subtitles. Pigboy does speak English so if his scene partner does too, there’s often a bit of a conversation about the guy’s spanking experience. Disappointingly the videos are not available for download. 

There are picture galleries, but rather than giving us a gallery for each video, BadLads provides one for each of the guys who appear here. There are 74 guys with 12 screencaps each along with the guy’s name, age, sexual orientation, and a brief description. They’re decent quality - pretty good for screencaps, but not overly crisp, and they display at 1280x720. Forward and back controls take you through the whole set fairly nd there is a hands-free slideshow feature, as well. You can save the pictures individually, but there’s no downloadable zip files for the sets. Not each of the 74 guys has a video, but many have more than one video. I’m not sure if these video omissions are a technical error because the galleries definitely show action, so it seems as though there should be corresponding videos.

When it comes to updates, the site appears to be adding an update every Friday, but only the six newest releases are dated. The homepage also lists nine future updates with Friday release dates and these are scheduled to be added over the next nine weeks.

Your BadLads membership gives you access to another corporal punishment site from the same studio called Latino Spank. It offers 41 videos, and the theme is a little different here with a subtitle that says “Spanked Hard Fucked Bare”. But only about half of their videos include spanking, and most of those didn’t include fucking. But Latino Spank is a fairly new site so they’re probably still finding their footing. While both sites contain spanking and fucking, the main difference is that Bad-Lads features Europeans and Latino Spank offers Latin guys; Bad-Lads also has a mix of condom and bareback sex.

There aren’t any real deal breakers here. Bad-Lads videos are only offered to stream, which may be an issue for some, but I wasn’t bothered by it, and the streaming is robust. The first time I logged in, I had to verify my email address, then the first time I logged in from my phone I had to do it again. This was a bit of a bother, but once it was done, I was good to watch the videos unhindered.

I enjoyed my visit to Bad-Lads. There’s lots of bare bottom spankings to take in and how these boys endured these ass paddlings for over 15 minutes, I don’t know – I would have been yelling “hairy pineapples” after five minutes. There are 194 exclusive videos to stream on your desktop and mobiles and weekly Friday updates, so there’s always something new to enjoy plus bonus access to Latino Spank and its weekly updates gives you even more spanking sessions.

Things we disliked

  • No downloads available
  • No English subtitles
  • Longer sessions split into 2 updates
  • No scene descriptions

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