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Amateur Straight Guys was one of the original straight guy sites that emerged on the web in 2000 and continued producing throughout the new millennium. It featured guys getting serviced by the site's producers and getting it on with one another. The site was hugely popular. Then mysteriously in 2007 - maybe earlier - it stopped producing new videos. The site stuck around, but wasn't adding any new content. At some point, Dink Flamingo, the producer behind Active Duty, bought Amateur Straight Guys, but didn't film new content for the site either; in fact, with his eventual sale of Active Duty, he was effectively out of the porn business. But now, a few years later, we have great news! Late in 2017, Flamingo started filmed fresh scenes for ASG, and he has added four of them so far. So we're excited to head back and see what's going on and discover whether these new productions will continue.

The guys here are all over the map, but essentially they're straight guys who were supposedly inexperienced when it came to guy-on-guy sex, although there are some bisexual and gay guys in the mix. The guys are generally in their twenties, and while you may recognize the odd one who went on to do more porn filming, these performers are mostly amateurs. Some are slender, others have more athletic bodies, and still others obviously work out quite a bit. And you'll find a mix of smooth, hairy, tattoos, clean shaven and face scruff - they're all here. I found quite a few of the guys to be good looking or handsome, and surfers obviously did, too, because the site was hugely popular for years.

Let's talk about what's happening in the newest scenes. There's Maverick, Big Mac and Samuel, who each jack off in their first-ever videos - Try Outs, as the site calls them. Dink apparently met Maverick in the underwear department at Walmart. Big Mac is a guy that Dink met online, and Samuel is actually Dink's production assistant. They're all young guys in their twenties with fit bodies, and each of them strokes his cock and shoots his load in his own video. Big Mac fucks Samuel in the site's first hardcore video in ten years. Samuel identifies as straight and has a girlfriend, but he's curious enough about sex with guys to make a video, and I'll bet he's going to make more than one.

The early videos at Amateur Straight Guys feature guys getting stroked or sucked off by the site's two producers, Doug and Jay, who together appear 62 videos. The remaining videos featur guys in solos or guys playing with each other and exploring guy-on-guy sex without the help of the producers. And this seems to be the direction the new ASG will continue to take. In a blog post Dink says: "My vision for the new ASG is a celebration of sex between men in general with our focus to remain slanted toward sex between the more masculine and straight-identifying of men". And he plans to pair more experienced guys with the newer exploring ones.

Typically, a guy would show up at Amateur Straight Guys and do a jack-off scenes. Tyce was one such guy, a personal trainer with a huge cock. After shooting a geyser in his solo, the site invited him back and paired him up with not one, but two other guys. The guys play with each other's cocks, there's some blowjob action, and Tyce actually sits on one of the other guy's dicks. Tyce returns for six more group scenes (two fourways and the rest threeways), he bottoms for another guy in a duo, and he gives another guy his first ass fucking in a duo. Not all of the scenes feature anal sex, btw; many have the guys jacking their dicks or each others' or exploring oral sex. There's quite a mix, and I never really found the scenes fell into a predictable sequence of events.

I counted 527 videos at Amateur Straight Guys - as I said earlier, only four of these are new. However while the site wasn't producing new content, they weren't sitting idle. They have been re-encoding the videos over the years from their original 320x240 to 640x480. They used to offer several different sizes and formats, but I notice that all of the older videos now come in MP4 format at one size of 640x480. But the good news is that the site's newer productions have drastically improved. Aside from being better quality, they're now offered in three sizes at 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 854x480. And they're MP4s, which play on virtually every device.

The newer scenes are good amateur quality, although I was a little disappointed they weren't as crisp as I like to see. The older videos range in quality with most being average, but some bordering on poor, not surprising given their age. Still, all the videos are enjoyable. Older vids can be streamed in one speed playing at 824x670, but the newer ones come in three speeds playing at 1200x674. There's a full-screen mode and the newest productions play well, although again, they lacked the crispness I usually look for.

Things have changed where picture galleries are concerned. When we last reviewed the site nearly two years ago, we reported that each episode had 10 screencaps previewing the action, but this no longer appears to be the case as I couldn't see any. In fact, picture galleries, when they exist, are difficult to find. Only 76 of the 328 models on the site have a picture gallery on their profile page. These galleries have anywhere from 50 to 300 digital stills that come in a variety of sizes but all seem to be smallish, no bigger than 390x600. You can save the pics individually or download entire sets in zip files. And you can also view the photos online in thumbnail galleires, but there's no hands-free slideshow nor are there any forward or back controls on the viewer.

And one final thing that I really like about the site was the write-ups. When you get into a scene's page, there's a few sentences letting you know something interesting about the guys or how the scene came about. This really added to the sessions.

There aren't any real deal breakers at Amateur Straight Guys. There's a good back catalog of videos to keep you entertained, and the site is now producing new scenes again. That being said, these new episodes aren't dated, so I'm not sure how often they'll be adding new content. A newsletter I received said that we can expect weekly updates, but I'll have to check back and let you know on this. The production dates are included at the beginning of each video, but these don't show when the vids were added to the site, just when they were created.

One thing I wanted to mention is that in the older scenes, Doug and Jay did a lot of commentary and interaction with the guys, so you'll hear an "Oh, wow!" when a guy shoots his load, or sometimes they jump in and give direction. Sometimes I found it irritating, but at the same time it added to the realness of these situations. So I'm on the fence here as to whether this was a good or bad thing.

Another thing I found annoying was that every time I visited the Videos page, the scenes were arranged by popularity so I had to use the dropdown menu to resort them from newest to oldest, so I could find the new scenes. It may not be an issue to you, and you may like that you can also re-sort the videos according to hardcore action, blowjobs, first initiation scenes that involve the guys having their first contact with a guy, which could be handjobs, blowjobs, or full-on sex or Try Outs, which are audition scenes.

The resurrection of production of Amateur Straight Guys will likely go down as one of the most exciting events of 2018. It's been at least a decade since we've seen a brand new scene, which was disappointing since the site was fucking hot. Amateur Straight Guys did remaster their entire catalog so that it can be enjoyed in larger sizes, but still smaller than the newest scenes. When I last reviewed this site I found myself saying, "Fuck! Why aren't they still producing video? This stuff is hot!" I have reviewed many current and active sites that aren't as good as this one - some don't even come close. I'm thrilled that ASG has started production again, and I hope they live up to their former glory. I'm just sorry I didn't have the time to sit back and watch all 527 of their videos. What a refreshingly hot site!

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