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Amateur Straight Guys was one of the original straight guy sites that emerged on the web during the last decade, with guys getting serviced by the site's producer and getting it on with one another. The guys here are all over the map. They're in their twenties, and while you may recognize the odd one who went on to do more porn filming, these performers are mostly amateurs. Some are slender, others have more athletic bodies and still others obviously work out quite a bit. A mix of smooth, hairy, tattoos, clean shaven and face scruff - they're all here. And they're a mix of straight, bisexual, and gay guys.

There's lots of stuff going on at Amateur Straight Guys. The early videos show guys getting stroked or sucked off by the site's two producers: Doug, who did 35 videos and Jay, who did 27 vids. I watched one video where Doug had two studs sitting on the couch watching porn and stroking their cocks. Doug jacked off one of the guys into his hand, then Doug turned his attention to the other guy, but getting him off took a lot of stroking and sucking plus some very hot face fucking. I think the guy was cock blocked because Doug eventually gave up and let the dude finish himself off.

I watched another video with Logan and Pyro, they're best buds and had never even seen each other naked before this video. They did a side-by-side jack session that had them stroking each others' cocks - they even did a bit of licking. It was pretty laid back and the guys talked and laughed while they had their hands on one another's dicks. It got me revved up watching them stroking each other off. Another scene had two bisexual guys in a competition to see who could get more of Bently's huge dick down their throat (Bentley is hung like a donkey). Erin won the deep-throat contest, and then he took Bently's huge cock up his ass; meanwhile Jasin worked on a dildo plunged to the coffee table. Jasin eventually got fucked by Bently, too, and Bently finally unloaded a huge nut all over Jasin's chest.

So those are some of the highlights. The site has re-mastered their videos in larger sizes. There are 500 videos here, and there's just too much going on to neatly encapsulate all the action in a sentence or two. But you'll find guys jacking off alone and with other guys, there are blowjob scenes, guys fucking guys for the first time and returning back for repeats, threeways, jack-off contests, guys in the shower and lots more to explore. The site updates once a month, but I'm not sure if the updates are new videos or if they're counting each newly remastered video as a fresh update.

Amateur Straight Guys says they have 553 videos, but I only counted 500. It doesn't matter really because the thing I'm most excited about is that the videos have all been re-encoded so you can enjoy them in a larger size. This site was putting out videos when the standard size was 320x240, but all of their downloadable QuickTime videos are at least 640x480, the WMVs are 640x360 or larger, and I did find some QuickTimes that were 854x480. You can also stream the videos at 776x436, but the older ones play back a little smaller at a still-decent 653x436. The videos are good amateur quality productions with clear picture and sound quality.

Each episode comes with 10 screencaps previewing the action, and they can be enlarged to 500x333. But there are also 155 picture galleries offering photos ranging from 300x600 to 500x800. These are a mix of digital pictures and screencaps taken from videos. They're presented in thumbnail galleries with no slideshows or zip files, but you can save the pics individually.

And one final thing that I really like about the site was the write-ups. When you get into a scene's page, there's a few sentences letting you know something interesting about the guys or how the scene came about, but there's also short tidbits about the guys off on the sidebar. I really liked this a lot.

There aren't any real deal breakers at Amateur Straight Guys. That being said, we're not sure if the monthly updates are new videos or if they're counting newly remastered videos as updates. I have to say that Doug and / or Jay do a lot of commentary and interaction with the guys, so you'll hear an "Oh, wow!" when a guy shoots his load, or sometimes they jump in and give direction. Sometimes I found it irritating, but at the same time it added to the realness of these situations. So I'm on the fence here as to whether this was a good or bad thing. One other thing worth mentioning is that the so-called tour shows you almost nothing about the site, and is only a single short page. Still, what I found inside was hot.

It doesn't look like Amateur Straight Guys has produced a new video in about 4 years, maybe longer, but they are still adding a new video once a month from still-unreleased content. And I have to say that this site is fucking hot. A lot of porn sites stop producing new content and languish in outdated video formats and playback sizes, but Amateur Straight Guys has re-encoded their entire catalog so that it can be enjoyed with today's technology. Time after time I found myself saying, "Fuck! Why aren't they still producing video? This stuff is hot!" I have reviewed many current and active sites that aren't as good as this one, some don't even come close. I'm just sorry I didn't have the time to sit back and watch all 500 of their videos. What a refreshingly hot site!

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