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30 May 2024 Score 88 / 100 Mobile friendly

  • Videos 4 stars
  • Pictures 4 stars
  • Unique 5 stars
  • Size 5 stars
Review score 88
  • 5 stars Cost
  • 4 stars Updates
  • 3 stars Usability
  • 4 stars Claims

All American Guys features jocks, hunks and fitness models with athletic, muscled bodies; most are attractive, some absolutely gorgeous. Drool over guys with six-pack abs, great butts, and defined legs in around 2,000 videos and lots of pic sets. Smokin' hot guys in erotic videos with some full nudity and erotic touching. 10 or more videos added each month.

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Since Last Review

  • Improvements in site layout
  • Site has discontinued live shows for members
  • Non-recurring month membership no longer available

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

Approx 2,000 exclusive videos, most in MP4 format. Newer downloads at 1920x1080 or 1280x720, slightly older vids at 1024x576, mostly good quality. Newer vids available to stream for desktop and mobiles.

Picture info

258 picture sets in Photos and 12,976 photos in another Gallery section. Pics are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 650x975 to 2250x1500. No slideshows or zip files. Pictures can be individually downloaded.

Bonus content

Members forum. Also 2 collections - Masculine Platinum and Red Hot Mag. Desktop wallpapers.

Membership Cost

  • Monthly: $12.95 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $72.00 (183 days, non-recurring)
  • Yearly: $120.00 (365 days, non-recurring)


All American Guys Review

All American Guys has been delivering the hottest jocks, fitness models, and just plain gorgeous athletic guys for over 24 years. You'll find a mix of clean-cut men with sculpted, defined bodies and tattooed studs, some with a rough, masculine look. Every guy here is built and most are handsome, too. Some are lean and ripped, others are beefy and bulging with muscle, but every one of these men could easily pose for any men's fitness magazine or underwear catalog. Most of them are in their twenties, but there are some in their thirties, as well. We haven't visited this site in a while, so let's take a fresh look.

If you're looking for a place to drool over smoking hot guys in shorts, swim trunks, or underwear, this is the place to find them. There's some nudity as well, although rarely full frontal. What you will see is professionally shot videos of guys in undies or short trunks at the beach rolling around in the surf and showing off their developed physiques, not to mention their bulges. There are also guys taking baths, lounging by the pool, sweating in the gym, and more. And sometimes the guys strip naked and let the surf pound their hot bods or do a super sexy boudoir shoot.

Let's look at a few of the newer men on the site. Jay T is sexy, chiseled stud with a longish beard who reminds me a lot of Aquaman star Jason Momoa. Mr Bradford is a bearded hunk with a very hairy body. Matt L is a blond guy with a well-defined physique with a sweet, boyish quality about him. Markus is a good-looking Black stud with an amazing chiseled body. Skyler F is bearded and wears some tattoos, and his muscular and shredded body suggests he's a competitive bodybuilder, but if not, he sure spends a lot of time in the gym! Paul and Kev are both blond jocks, and Jadsen is curly-haired and athletic with a ripped body. Many of these hunks look as though they could appear in fitness magazines or even Playgirl.

All American Guys doesn't make it easy to count videos. We last showed they had 4,536 exclusive videos, but now in the Videos section I counted just over 900 videos, but there are videos available in three other sections, so like I said, it's hard to get a handle on a definitive video total; I'm approximating there are 2,000 videos in all the sections combined. Our previous video count may have been incorrect as HD and regular versions of the same video were mixed together, which created a lot of duplication; this has since be fixed and may account for the video count discrepancy. Most videos are well-edited and produced, and run under five minutes. 

The newest videos are available to download in MP4 format and are sized at 1920x1080 and some not so new ones are sized at 1280x720, both at good quality. As we go back a few years, the downloads are a little smaller at 1024x576, but I also found some from 2018 that came in at 1920x1080. Last time we listed the very oldest videos were in QuickTime format, sized anywhere from 480x360 to 240x180, but I couldn't find any this small. So again, this may be a clue to the lower number of videos as it seems that these may have been deleted.

The videos can be streamed, as well and the newest are available in five speeds at good quality, and there's a full-screen mode. Medium-age videos stream in four speeds, and the very oldest are offered in three speeds from 240p to 720p. These aren't as crisp as the newer videos, but they're still enjoyable. I had no problem watching any of the videos on my cell phone or tablet. Finally, some of the oldest videos from 2013 to 2018 couldn't be downloaded, but they could be streamed.

There are also picture sets. The pics are digital stills and they range 650x975 to 2250x1500, depending on the age. You can click the PHOTOS link on the main menu where you'll get around 258 galleries with as few as four pictures each to as many as 20 ore more. Or if you prefer (and I recommend it), you can go to the MODELS section and view each guy's pictures separately; any model can have more than one gallery. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can save the pics you like individually and there are forward and back controls to ease navigation. You'll also find 12,976 photos under Classic AAG Photos, this is a leftover from a previous design.

As far as updates are concerned, there are a lot of them. AllAmericanGuys had 23 updates in April 2024, and so far in May there are 16 updates with three days left in the month. However, an update can be a video, a photo gallery, or a wallpaper. The Videos section gives better detail, showing 10 videos added so far in May and 16 videos in April.

When it comes to extras, there are several areas under Specialty Sections where you'll find more content. Heatseekers is a section that includes more risque videos - think of these as PG-rated strip shows where you nearly see the goods but never quite everything. Red Hot Nudes features the men in videos, and there's full-frontal nudity here. These are stand and pose type of things except the men are completely naked. There are some videos with men stroking their cocks, but they're more softcore with the men fondling themselves or lightly pleasuring their hard-ons without the goal of cumming; I didn't see any cumshots here. There's a section where you can grab desktop wallpaper and two more sections called Skyler Mag Archives and Masculine Archives that feature many more G-rated videos.

AllAmericanGuys also has a live chat area, but you need to purchase credits to watch any of the videos. There used to be a weekly live one-hour show that was included in your membership, but this is no longer the case. There's also a fairly busy forum where members talk about the guys, the site, and the various features and sections.

Are there any problems? The site's navigation is a little confusing with video content found in multiple sections like Updates, Models, Videos, and Specialty Sections, and there's more content under Classic AAG that displays the content in the old format of the site. I think this site could simplify things, but then again, sometimes confusing navigation helps you discover things you wouldn't otherwise. And there's the issue of not being able to count all the videos, so I can't give you a definitive number. Many pages are very long and only contain pagination at the bottoms, so that makes for a lot of scrolling. And as I mentioned already, some very old videos couldn't be downloaded, although they could be streamed.

All American Guys delivers well-built, athletic, and hunky guys with six-pack abs and nicely muscled bodies showing off in underwear or swimming trunks that show them off and often show tempting bulges. Most of the men are quite good-looking. With around 2,000 exclusive videos to download and stream – a mix of scenes, interviews, and BTS stuff – there's plenty to see, and there are updates added nearly every day but not everyone offers a video. There are also plenty of pics, some nice extras, and each model has a profile. And the monthly price hasn't changed in three years and recurs at only $12.95 a month, so you really can't go wrong.

Things we liked

  • Exclusive content
  • Some of the hottest guys anywhere
  • Lots of ripped, athletic bodies
  • Videos are downloadable
  • Newest vids are mobile compatible
  • 2 to 4 updates added each week
  • Nice low monthly membership price

Things we disliked

  • Many vids are under 5 minutes long
  • Navigation can be quite confusing
  • Pagination is at bottom of pages only
  • Not every video has full nudity
  • Very oldest videos can't be downloaded

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