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All American Guys has been delivering the hottest jocks, fitness models, and just plain gorgeous athletic guys for over 17 years. You'll find a mix of clean-cut guys with sculpted, defined bodies and tattooed guys, some with a rough, masculine look. But every guy here is built, and most are handsome, too. Some are lean and ripped, others are beefy and rippling with muscle, but every one of the men in this site could easily pose for any men's fitness magazine, and most would be perfect posing for a men's swimwear catalog or in briefs as underwear models. Most of the guys here are in their twenties, but there are probably some in their thirties, as well.

If you're looking for a place to drool over smoking hot guys in shorts, swim trunks, or underwear, this is the place to find them, and there's some nudity as well, although rarely full frontal. What you will see is professionally shot and edited videos of guys on the beach, getting wet in the surf in undies or abbreviated trunks, rolling around on the wet sand and showing off their developed physiques, not to mention their bulges in tight, stretchy trunks. There's also guys taking baths, by the pool, sweating in the gym, and more. And sometimes the guys strip naked and let the surf pound their hot bods or do a super sexy boudoir shoot.

All American Guys lists a whopping 5,784 exclusive videos shot over the last 17+ years and you'll find them all in one single section called Videos. However, there are both HD and regular videos mixed together, and since most HD videos also have a non-HD version, that means that there's a lot of bloat as far as the numbers go. There is a section where you can watch just the HD videos, and there are 2,136 videos in that area, but there are years of non-HD videos, as well. The oldest videos are each broken into clips that are used as separate updates and not offered as full scenes; even so, the site offers a total of over 3,500 videos, which is quite a few, although not as many as it appears at first glance.

The videos are available to download in QuickTime format, the newest sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality or better, and as we go back a few years, the downloads are sized just a little smaller, at 1024x576, and they still look good. The oldest videos (from 2001 and 2002) are small at 480x360, 320x240 or 240x180, but that was normal at the time, and they look pretty decent but I wouldn't suggest enlarging them to full screen. The site first started using HD in 2009, and also during late 2009 the videos started being available to stream as well as download; new videos have separate links to stream for mobiles. Most videos are under five minutes but are very well edited and well produced.

I did have an issue streaming the videos. I'm not sure if this is typical because I'm not a regular user of QuickTime, which is the preferred format of this site. (I have another player set as my default.) When I clicked a video to stream it, it actually downloaded. The only way I could get movies to play was to download them, then open them through the QT player. It may be that the video players are Flash-based, which is not longer supported by a lot of browsers these days, or it could be a scripting error that causes the videos to download rather than stream. Even on my cell phone, clicking them downloaded them to my phone first, then I could play them, but that means my phone is going to be full of videos.

All American Guys also offers pictures. These are digital stills, the newer sized at 650x975 at good quality, and the older are sized at 500x750 at good amateur quality. There are two ways to browse the photos here. You can click the PHOTOS link on the main menu to be taken to a single very large gallery of over 12,537 photos offering all the models on 314 pages with 40 images per page. Or if you prefer (and I recommend it), you can go to the model index and view each guy's pictures separately. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can save the pics you like individually.

As far as updates are concerned, they added six videos in February, nine in January, and so far two in March, and it's March 8 today. But take a look at the homepage because that's where you'll find all of the site's updates, not just videos but pictures, too, and any videos that don't appear in the actual Videos section. For instance, there has been a Heatseeker video added already in March. Also, check the Models section because the guys with any additions at all, pictures or videos, appear at the top.

When it comes to extras, there are several areas on the site where you'll find more content. Heatseekers is a section that includes more risque videos - think of these as PG-rated strip shows where you nearly see the goods but never actually do. Red Hot Mag features the men in videos, and there's full-frontal nudity here. These are stand and pose type of things except the men are completely naked. However, you won't find any jack-off sessions here, although you may see cocks in various stages of arousal. There's a section where you can grab desktop wallpaper and another where you can read articles about bodybuilding and working out.

There's also a cartoons section with ten comic strips and another section that focuses on faces, and the pictures in this section could be used as desktop wallpaper for your computer. Another section is called Original AAG Models (Archives) where you can see the models who started with the site back in 1998. And finally, there's an Events section where you can check out coverage from various fitness events, but the last event covered was in 2009, so it'll be of minimal interest.

All American Guys also has a section called Masculine Platinum, and this is where you find short additional videos of the guys plus a small collection of galleries. There's also live chat (you can find the scheduled dates on the updates page) every four to 10 days, as well as a fairly busy forum where members talk about the guys, the site and the various features and sections.

Are there any problems here? I would have preferred that the videos offered in both HD and standard definition be linked from a single episode page rather than separately so as not to inflate the video count, but with as much content as there is here, that's not a huge issue. Yes, the oldest vids are small, short clips, but they're from 17+ years ago, and that was standard at the time. I'd have rather seen separate galleries listed in the PHOTOS section rather than a single gallery with over 11,000 pics, but you can view photos by model. Finally, the biggest issue I have is the problems I experienced around the streaming video. However, I actually prefer downloading my content, so this isn't a huge issue for me, but might be for you.

All American Guys delivers the kind of well-built, athletic and hunky guys you'll find on their tour, so if you love college-age men with six-pack abs, muscular (but not over-muscled) shoulders, arms and legs, you'll find them here. Most are quite good-looking, as well. With somewhere over 3,500 exclusive videos to download – a mix of scenes, interviews and BTS stuff – there's plenty to see, and there are updates added each week. There are also plenty of pics, some nice extras and each model has a profile. And the monthly fee recurs at only $12.95 a month, so you really can't go wrong.

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