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AEBN stands for Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, a truly huge collection of gay porn videos in just about every category imaginable. Whether you're looking for fucking, rimming and sucking, male masturbation and sex toys, or something edgier like fisting, piss sex, or BDSM, you'll find it here. And there are all sorts of men - twinks, bears, black guys, Asian men, and Latinos. Looking for daddies or European men? No problem. Chubs, straight guys going gay-for-pay or men in uniform? You'll find plenty of them. Seriously, this site has the most variety of any site I've reviewed.

Lots of porn sites offer large numbers of categories but are lean on the number of videos in some of the categories, but at AEBN every category is filled. Yes, some are larger than others, but even splinter niches like sex instructional videos, wrestling and voyeur videos have enough DVDs to fill a member site or two. And not only can you browse by porn star or studio, but there's a section packed with award-winning films, if you're looking for the good stuff. There's also a section dedicated to series and this is where you'll find all six volumes of Cocky Boys' "Cream of the Cock" and Bear Films' seven-part "All Amateur Bears." There's another section called Exclusive where you'll find DVDs only available here.

Because of the way the site is organized, there's no way to get an exact video count. But when we reviewed AEBN three years ago they had a staggering 27,565 gay DVD titles. I know this number has continued to grow, but by how much is hard to say. I can, however, give you a snapshot: the New Release section lists movies added from July to October 2016 and that total sits at 784 DVDs, so the site is quite active. The advanced search option shows 31,092 DVDs offering the "Stream for Life" option (more about later in a minute), although there may be more DVDs in total.

The main way you enjoy the movies here is buying viewing packages in 15 to 1,000 minute packages; then the system deducts your viewed minutes from your allotment. If you only watch 20 minutes of a 40-minute scene, 20 minutes is deducted from your account. You can watch whole DVDs or just the scenes you want. And there are various other options where you can opt to stream a video "For Life" so it's yours whenever you want to watch it, or you can rent it for a 48-hour period and watch it as many times as you'd like. Many of the DVDs also have a download option that will cost you varying amounts; many of the DVDs I looked at were $34.35 each and a few single scenes were $13.75.

If you want exclusive content you can't see anywhere else, AEBN offers 5,398 DVDs. They also have their own Roku channel, so if you have the streaming platform connected to your TV, you can watch AEBN videos there. And if you're on a mobile, like iPhone or Android, or are on a Smart TV, the site and many of the videos will work on these devices. That being said, each video will indicate its compatibility at the top of the details page.

Because AEBN has been around for many years, and also because they have movies produced anywhere from the 1970s till now, not all videos are available in the same sizes or formats. One of the newer vids I watched streamed at 850x480 in a pop-up player and there were five speeds offered, although the system defaulted to the highest speed for my set-up, which is super-fast cable bandwidth. And when I went full-screen, this movie fared quite well and did indeed fill all 26 inches of my monitor. Another movie produced in 1977 played at 640x480, and it didn't fare well at all at full screen, but then the video is almost 40 years old and was shot on film. There may be other sizes as well and quality is all over the map; the older and vintage vids are average or amateur quality, but the newer ones are quite good quality.

Pay-per-minute or online rentals are a good option for those who either don't like the idea of recurring billing or simply prefer to pay as they go. If you're not a heavy porn watcher, this could even be less expensive than joining some membership sites. If you like to pay as you go but want the advantage of a loyalty discount, AEBN also offers pay-per-minute recurring options where you can decide how many minutes you want each month but want to save a few bucks, too.

AEBN is one of the very biggest gay porn sites, offering tons of studios, porn stars and all kinds of sex and types of guys. Whether you're looking for first-time amateurs, jocks or cowboys, pissing, bareback or twinks, you'll find it here. There are over 30,000 DVD titles (over 75,000 scenes) from hundreds of studios including Treasure Island Media, Bel Ami, Lucas Entertainment, Falcon Studios, and hundreds more. You'll find all your favorite porn stars here, not to mention thousands of actors you've never even heard of, and amateurs, too. AEBN adds new DVDs as they get them, but they don't adhere to a set update schedule like most membership sites. AEBN offers a huge collection of gay porn DVD titles to stream by the minute, rent online, or buy and download - there are really so many options here that it's best if you poke around. I think you'll be impressed at all AEBN has to offer.

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