Would You Marry Rocco Steele?

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Rocco Steele is back for his second appearance on interracial sex site Noir Male. Three weeks ago, he fucked Jacen Zhu and Colby Tucker in an ass tower in Double Checkmate. And this week, he's back on the site with Liam Cyber. Steele has been a hound dog and fucked up on the love of his life over and over. He finally realizes that he's not going to find another guy as kind, genuine, adorable, and hot in bed as Liam. So Rocco gives him a promise ring and seals the deal with his 10-inch cock. Who could say no to that?

Liam Cyber hugs the end of the sofa and Rocco Steele drives his monster 10x7 into the bottom's hole. I'm always amazed that these guys can take all of Steele's dick and walk away.

So how about it, would you marry Rocco Steele? Would you be prepared to take that humongous dick any time he wanted to spread your legs? Or is that dick just too damned big to marry?

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