Wolf Hudson & Robert Axel In 'His Personal Trainer' Wolf Hudson & Robert Axel In 'His Personal Trainer'

Robert Axel is running with his personal training client Wolf Hudson in the park at Icon Male. He's encouraging him to push himself harder with sets of pushups and sprints. Wolf overdoes it and the workout gets cut short. Robert helps his injured client through the doorway, laying him on the bed. Wolf tells Robert how much he appreciates him and how he's enabled him to achieve so much. Slowly massaging Wolf's foot, Robert catches the glances Robert is sending him. He leans in for a kiss and they rapidly become naked, with the intensity building. Wolf leans over and takes his trainer's thick black cock in his mouth to give him a great blowjob in appreciation. After more passionate kissing, Robert rims Wolf's ass and gets him all wet for his black dick. The guys flip fuck, swapping positions until they can no longer hold their loads.

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