"What Else Can You Kiss?" "What Else Can You Kiss?"

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"I know I didn't tell the truth," says Elder Hult, "but I really want to stay on my mission. I'll do anything." President Lewis gives the young Mormon a squeeze, then says, "Okay buddy, you tell me, what are you willing to do?" Hult says he can give the president a kiss, then plants a peck on his cheek. "That was nice," Lewis says, "what else can you kiss?"

And in case you're wondering what is vexing Elder Hult, he's been experiencing lots of lusting ever since President Lewis fucked him that first time. He wants more, but he knows those are sinful thoughts. As well, he's unsure whether Lewis also knows about President Skye spanking him and then fucking his ass with a glass dildo. (You can preview that scene inside.)

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