"We Have To Be More Careful." "We Have To Be More Careful."

Watch Horny Mormon Boyz Fucking Around

Elder Sorensen has to recruit another Mormon boy to get into The Order. Elder Ricci has been rethinking his commitment to the secret sect, so he'd be a perfect score. Before heading off to do their missionary work one morning, Sorensen puts the moves on his buddy in the SUV. Come inside and see what they get up to.

These boys have an ongoing play thing, but Elder Ricci is nervous. "We have to be more careful," he says. "Someone's going to see us screwing around." Elder Sorensen laughs it off and hops in the back of the SUV. In anticipation of a fuck session, he had pulled down the back seat to make more room. Ricci can't resist. He's been inside Sorensen's tight hole before, and his hard-on wants in there again.

And when you see Elder Ricci's big, thick cock, it'll be obvious why Elder Sorensen cares more about getting it in his ass than worrying about people catching them. After swapping head back and forth, Ricci pushes his fat meat inside and stretches his buddy's hole.

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