Tyler Wolf Fucks Ryan Rose Tyler Wolf Fucks Ryan Rose

Tyler Wolf is usually getting his ass fucked in porn videos, but in this new Falcon Studios DVD called Buck Naked, Wolf is on top and doing a very good job of screwing Ryan Rose's muscular butt. And this one's a bit of a horny mind fuck. Ryan Rose is the bigger guy. He's taller, has bigger muscles, and his cock is even a bit bigger than Wolf's, so it's kind hot watching a smaller guy dominate a bigger one.

This is the third scene from Falcon's Buck Naked and it's a hot one. Tyler starts things off by servicing Ryan's big cock on the couch, so you figure the old "first one to suck is getting fucked" rule of gay porn applies. But not this time around. When Rose gets down on all fours and presents his big, meaty ass, Wolf dives in with his tongue and gets Ryan's hole wanting more attention. Then Tyler opens Ryan's ass with his stiff dick. But my favourite is seeing Rose on his back with his legs in the air, begging Tyler to screw him harder. I love vocal bottoms.

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