Two Mormon Boyz Doing 69 Two Mormon Boyz Doing 69

Elder Ricci is reading the scriptures in the living room when Elder Lindsay walks in. Ricci is still in his temple garments (underwear) and Lindsay has put on a shirt and tie, but not his trousers. Ricci picks up his bible, but says, "You know, it'd be really fun to play again." This pair are the horniest Mormon Boyz going and I've blogged about their sexual escapades several times before. But this time, they're alone in the Mission Home, so Ricci doesn't protest too much when Lindsay crawls over and settles between his legs.

Elder Lindsay (Garrett Cooper) is one mixed up lad. He's appeared a number of times in these dirty sessions over at Mormon Boyz (you can see three more of them here at Gay Demon), but last week, he debuted at as an Amish lad exploring his faith's rumspringa, that's the time when young Amish men explore the carnal world before committing to their faith or leave it all together. And while away from his community, he got his ass fucked while in Fire Island. Poor Garrett Cooper, he's so confused -- is he a Mormon or Amish? Someone better snatch up this lad and haul him off to the deprogramming center and help him figure things out. I really hope that he's a Mormon because he looks extra sexy in those sheer temple garments.

Elder Lindsay pulls Ricci's cock through the fly in his underwear and swallows. Ricci has a big dick, but as it swells I'm more fascinated with the wormy vein coiling up his shaft. It's so thick and visible -- I can't take my eyes off it. Such an odd fascination. Then Ricci kneels between Lindsay's legs and does some gulping himself. Finally, the lads lie on the floor sucking each other in a 69 session. Lindsay pants that he's close and Ricci finishes him off with his hand, then he blows his own wad across Lindsay's face.

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