Sean Zevran and Johnny V Are Dirty Sexy Fuckers Sean Zevran and Johnny V Are Dirty Sexy Fuckers

Hot House Exclusive models Sean Zavran and Johnny V are two spectacularly well-muscled hunks, both blessed with bulging pecs, strong biceps, washboard abs and rock hard cocks and amazing butts perfectly framed by their jockstraps. These guys are arguably two of the hottest, and horniest, specimens of the male form - and today they star together in this unforgettable scene!

Both of these hunks enjoy full lives, almost totally focused on their own, and their partner's, sexual pleasure. Today Johnny is going to be the bottom, and he approaches this role expertly, sucking and slurping down on Sean's cock like a man possessed - this blow job really has to be seen to be believed. As does Sean's reciprocal rim job that has Johnny writhing in ecstasy - the look of pleasure on Sean's handsome face, his mouth buried between those muscular butt cheeks, as the camera pans down Johnny's broad back during the arse-eating scene is amazingly sensual and very, very hot! But this is just the prelude - these guys are saving their best performances for the fucking scene, where Sean penetrates Johnny's delicious hole in two super-hot positions and fucks his buddy like he's a born fuck-machine, totally real, totally uninhibited, totally amazing! Two of the hottest men in an intense, awesome scene, just for you!

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