Public Exposure: Take a Good Long Look Public Exposure: Take a Good Long Look

If you happen to spot a naked guy in public or semi-public, do not by shy about gawking. That's what gawking was invented for. Depending what time of day or night it is and where you are, sometimes the meaning of gawking includes masturbating.

As in "I was uncontrollably gawking at the team of naked guys." See how masturbation is built into that? Obviously.

Now that one guy seems to have gotten himself arrested, though possibly it's for something else and he just happens to be naked. Like maybe he bought socks from the Rob Kardashian collection. Which is a crime. Tragic if that's the case as he didn't even get to wear them.

With all the advances in fashion though, I wish we could go in reverse and uninvent the zipper and belt. So flies would always be open and pants would fall to the ankles.

Though it would make cycling quite challenging, it could be worth it.

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