Public Exposure: No Excuse Needed Public Exposure: No Excuse Needed

Sure a guy could try and say "I took my clothes off because it was hot out." Or "My clothes slipped off my sweaty body in the heat." Or "When it's hot out, I get incredibly erect thinking about how I'm going to take off my clothes in public and expose myself to strangers."

Well maybe that last one isn't even in the excuse category.

It does matter why though. But it's generally always some form of self-expression. Just like clothes or makeup can be. It just works better if you have a friend so you can stick your keys and wallet somewhere besides your rectum.

In this set, I kind of like that moment when someone may be about to look. Or maybe they have and just don't care. I've probably cursed my naked guy in public karma with all these. As I don't tend to see that much. Maybe a few random through the window at night moments. No I'm not peeping, just walking by.

But overall, I must be some sort of catalyst for people's clothes sticking to them. Rather than sliding off. In that summer heat. Oh well, that's what other people's cameras are for.

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