Public Exposure: Indoors and Out Public Exposure: Indoors and Out

Out as in dick hanging out. As in strangers can see your dick hanging out. I like that. I'm very pro that. Though depends on the guy as most things do.

I'd forgotten how lovely the suburbs are. Not for anything but maybe the guy across the way from your place liking to hang out naked in his yard or driveway. Definitely a motivator to invisibly watch from a dark room through a slat in the blinds. Not creepy at all.

Or the  more direct approach of walking right over to his place and welcoming him to the neighborhood with a cake or a tomato or a tomato cake. Whatever works to have a conversation with him while he's naked.

The etiquette in that situation is unclear. But I'd suggest going with staring at his cock without making eye contact. Guys like that.

I do recognize that some of these guys may be naked in a fleeting manner and perhaps are not getting caught, but it's still risky public or semi-public exposure. At some point the volume of men with their nudity somewhere online will outnumber those who don't have such moments captured.

Then who will be the shameful few whose cocks haven't been on display in a parade or grocery store? It's enough to make one weep for the future. Or just jack off to naked guys in the present. Whichever.

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