Nick Capra & Ian Levine in "Sugar Daddy" Nick Capra & Ian Levine in "Sugar Daddy"

Ian Levine is living the dream. When Sugar Daddy opens, he's lounging in a big, comfortable bed thinking about last night's sensual romp with the handsome hunk who owns it. Ian can't believe his luck, only 24 hours earlier he had been living in a dirty flat with three other loud young guys and now this sexy older gentleman is bringing him breakfast in bed. But slowly, Ian starts to realize that everything comes with a price.

Being served breakfast in bed makes Ian Levine feel special. "I feel like a king," he says. Nick Capra says that he likes doing nice thinks for Ian, "It makes me feel needed." Ian doesn't understand what a young lad with nothing to offer did to deserve all of this. Capra snuggles in and rubs Ian's smooth body and tells him that they're in a symbiotic relationship. And when Capra explains that Ian's role is to provide him with companionship, beauty, and youth, Ian starts to understand that Nick is only serving him breakfast in bed to rack up his side of the score card. Everything comes at a cost.

Ian only ate a paltry strawberry before Nick takes away the breakfast tray and climbs on top of the lad and kisses him. Ian looks sad as his realization sinks in -- he's just there to spread his legs. But he does nevertheless. They make mad, passionate love -- or the semblance of it -- with lots of kissing and caressing, then they swap head, and finally, Nick mounts his boy toy and lifts his legs. He enters Ian and screws him. In a telling finale, Nick flips Ian over face down and leans on him while fucking him hard. Finally, he unloads his cream onto the small of Ian's back. Ian rolls over and lies in Nick's arms stroking his own cock and as he gets close he asks if he can cum. "Yes, cum for me," Nick pants.

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