Kink Spotlight: Tight Pants Ass Explosion Kink Spotlight: Tight Pants Ass Explosion

These guys must have to spend half their income on tailors fixing the seams of their pants. One tiny cough or bending over to tie a shoe would burden those poor seams past their point of endurance. And boom.

Or that's how it would have been before pants and shorts with 2% spandex.

To be fair, pants do tend to have some room in the seat to accommodate those with large appetites, not necessarily those with super strong glutes. So these pants can do double duty in that way. And I like the job they do.

I would, however, fail if my job involved working around any of these guys, especially if there were a guy with such a fine ass in tight pants at a desk, or chalkboard, near me. My focus would be gone from work and all about ass.

Which means, I need a job that's all about ass. At least then I could focus properly. And then I could come up with great inventions like transparent pants. 

They could dramatically increase the TV ratings for pool. Why else watch it?

I would also encourage them as appropriate attire for a job interview, especially if you're going for a job as a professional distractor. That means you want to work somewhere at which your job is to flash your tight, muscle ass to distract your coworkers. Then when they fuck up, you take their job. 

It's a great way to work your way to the top. Through your bottom.

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