Kink Spotlight: Macrophilia Kink Spotlight: Macrophilia

What did macrophiliacs do before Photoshop? Attend basketball games hoping to be accosted by a giant? Or trade a cow for magic beans and plant them and climb to the top and hope to be tormented by a giant?

Or just close their eyes and dream.

A lot of folks get off on size differences. On a statistical level, all heterosexuals come to mind. But this is more specific than that. Whether you're a macrophiliac top (which I guess means the tall one) or macrophiliac bottom (which I guess means the one looking in awe at the giant guy), it's the entire body that's a different size. Not just big cock/little cock, big muscles/little muscles. 

And since more people have access to editing photos, their fantasies can sort of come to life. 

That can mean being crushed (which is often tied to a foot fetish). Or using one's whole body to jack a guy off (then drowning in his sperm). Or even (gasp!) being eaten.

I did once have a fantasy of a fully-formed (yet tiny) adult male homosexual being in my closet when I was a teenager. I wasn't particularly fantasizing about myself as a giant. His small size was due to the need to hide him. So if I had been  more creative, I would have fantasized about a fully-formed, full-size, adult male cuttlefish. They are really good at camouflage, if not breathing outside of water.

If I were to Photoshop an example of this fetish (and some folks have gone beyond Photoshop into making animations of giants crushing cities and then ejaculating a flood), I would probably focus on the bodyguard aspect. A giant naked guy swooping in to protect you from your enemies.

I would also, in advance of having any sort of sexual encounter with a giant, ask some basics. Like where the hell do you get your condoms? And clothes? And what kind of tattooing rig was involved? And how do you wipe your ass? And where do you sleep? And if you break your toe on a skyscraper, where do you get your healthcare?

This goes back to Gulliver's Travels at least. Gulliver was a slut for giant cock I guess. At least that's how I remember it.

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