Kink Spotlight: Long-Haired Dudes Kink Spotlight: Long-Haired Dudes

From twinks to muscle guys, long hair finds a home on many bodies. The shampoo industry (and guys who lust after long-hair fellas) give collective thanks.

I did not include guys who have their locks pulled up in that horrible word "mun" (aka man bun). Not because some aren't attractive, but I figure on a kink level, it's good to see the hair, and imagine fully grabbing it or possibly depositing various liquids on it. Hint: not shampoo.

I didn't realize I had so many stereotypes about long-hair guys, like rocker, skateboarder, surfer, hippie, fashionisto, or, of course, kidnapper. But I'm opening up to many ideas about who long-haired guys are, such as rocker kidnapper, surfer kidnapper, and, you get it. They all want me.

The look often veers super Playgirl, but ultimately shows a confidence and self-awareness that I like, if not the exact styling. I just pity the shower drains and the unemployed barbers.

It is very considerate, though, for these guys to give you something to grip in the course of things. Tenderly of course. In a passionate, semi-rough kind of way. 

I'm doubting that technically there are folks purely into long hair. It always matters who it's attached to. But it can be a major bonus and stand out in the crowd, taking us back to more primal days before hair salons. Of course I'm horrible as the one I like the most is the one that has obvious highlights. I'm so rough and tumble.

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