Kink Spotlight: Clothing that's Alive & Turned On Kink Spotlight: Clothing that's Alive & Turned On

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In trying to find some examples of the invisible man fetish (in which someone imagines an invisible man ravaging them in a good way), I quickly realized that's better suited for video. And when I imagined what those low-budget videos may be like, I quickly realized that's better suited for high-budget video. So let's leave that one in the imagination. And to people so consumed by sexual guilt that they pretend their affair was with an invisible person/alien.

No disrespect meant to invisible aliens who come to Earth to fuck some of us. As long as it's consensual, that could be cool.

So I ran across this kink, specifically clothing that comes to life and goes sexual. Because clothing that comes to life and then starts doing interpretive dance or plays chess hasn't elevated to kink level yet apparently.

While these examples all include socks, that doesn't mean the kink must always be sock-related. There just seems to be an overlap, probably because feet can be expressive in how they're pointed and flexed (similar to hands), and can perform various sex acts while calling to mind an aggressive jock.

Plus a free-floating pair of socks and/or sneakers is easier to Photoshop than a free-floating prom dress.

I have a variation of this kink, but what would turn me on is not my socks pressing themselves all over me but all my dirty clothes tossing themselves into my laundry basket, grabbing the detergent and quarters, and going to the laundry room and washing and drying themselves. Logically, one pair of socks would not be able to get clean as "someone" needs to carry the basket and put the quarters and other clothes in.

And if some of my clothes could get a job to earn the quarters, that would be good too. 

And I supposed I also have this kink in the sense that I've occasionally had sex with someone I didn't like so I wouldn't have minded if the essential components remained present while the rest of them temporarily faded out of existence to invisibility and incorporeality. 

But that's just me.

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