Kink Spotlight: Bubble Butt Blokes Kink Spotlight: Bubble Butt Blokes

Le Butt Du Bubble. Das Butt Bubble. Burbuja Culo. Or some other bastardization of language, all to say holy fuck this is ass.

Inviting ass. Exciting ass. Intriguing ass. Exploding ass.

Okay, maybe not exploding. People don't like exploding ass. I mean it's good as a security measure but it's rather counterproductive when it comes to butt orgasms. Nobody wants an ass known as a grenade.

But a bubble. What a wonder. Calling to mind bubble gum. And blowing bubbles. And, probably the best metaphor, bubble wrap.

The satisfaction of the pop. Each pop a thrust. So many pops. The coveted roundness. The pants stretching glutes giving it their all to burst seams and change lives.

Okay, they are just glutes. But these guys presenting them in various degrees of aggressive seduction does elevate them to some higher purpose. Which can be summed up with one phrase.

Unhh! Unhh! Splat!

For the record, the "Splat!" part isn't said by the mouth. You kind of had to be there.

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